Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Post # 220

so I am starting to get onto a slippery slope, maybe too comfortable with dipping into those extra points??

last night 2 more Vitatops

egg white sandwich

work food: cottage cheese with chopped tomatoes, broccoli with Laughing cow, hard boiled eggs, throw away the yolks, popcorn, Vitatop, and Greek yogurt with a peach

what am I a nut ball?? Pizza, REALLY!!!??? yeah I ate 1 slice .... stupid I know

dinner frozen yogurt

so here's the math, with the pizza I went over 7 points so that makes the extra weeklies used at 24... will I or won't I lose this week, ummmm don't know??!!

news update tomorrow

see ya tomorrow... less of me (I hope) that is


  1. I swear I get so hungry when I come over to your blog! lol. Yummy nummy. If it makes you feel better, even on what you consider a "too many points" day, I have totally been doing way worse. :) Feel better? lol

  2. I still don't know how you can eat 2 VitaTops. I would never be able to leave the


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