Thursday, July 22, 2010

Post #221

And she is back on track people!!!

egg white sandwich, no cheese

A Fage 0% Greek yogurt

WW candy bar

We went to the beach, Santa Monica Pier, so fun!! Sandwich, pickles, vegetables

Frozen yogurt

I had a taco salad. Well sort of. It was a one point burrito shell, some reduced fat cheese with No Fat Refried beans and soy taco meat like stuff, (it was good!!!) I put lettuce, onions, tomatoes and some light sour cream and some Tapatio sauce

I had seconds, with no cheese and no tortilla shell

I totally stayed within my points today

I walked on treadmill and still we walked about 4 miles at the beach

good day, spent with family, fun in the sun. Life is good :)

see ya tomorrow ..... less of me that is


  1. I think I need a Chocolate Caramel mini bar!!

  2. That sounds great. I hope I get on track this week


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