Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post # 223

Howdy doody

breakfast was egg white sandwich

the plan for work food was a salad, with tofu and balsamic vinegar dressing
cottage cheese on Bimbo high fiber toast and a vitatop (no Red Bull today)
I dropped the green beans and Dr P's veggie burger with Laughing cow on my way to the break room microwave, dropped it all over the sales floor, oof da what a Klutz!! sooo


frozen yogurt from Yogurt Delight

for tomorrow I roasted veggies , Zucchini, mushroom, peppers and red onions, sprayed them with olive oil and I will have a roasted vegetable salad tomorrow!!

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Whaddaya mean, no Red Bull?
    What are the x's on the food?

  2. Still having a hard time thinking about that tofu...

  3. the X's are because I dropped it on the floor!!!

  4. I was wondering this morning when I sprayed my pan to make my egg white sandwich if you were liking the Martha Stewart Collection Spray Can, Misto, and here it is! Complete with inspiration to make a Roasted Veggies.

  5. Yummy yummy egg white bagel! That's a bummer about dropping the Laughing Cow on the floor!

    I do have a 2 minute rule...I might've still eaten it. I know, gross. :) I'll be in LA this Friday and Saturday! Let me know if you're free.

  6. Mmm roasted veggies sound delish! LOL @ Jess and the 2 min rule!


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