Thursday, July 29, 2010

Post #225

So I had inventory, all night work... ugh

I had a Vitatop and another one after I got home

I took a yogurt, sandwich, apple and salad, the newest salad roasted vegetable salad soo freakin good!!

carrots and cucumbers after I woke up frozen yogurt

egg whites and I made another batch of oven roasted vegetables, zucchini, peppers, red onions, mushrooms and Brussel sprouts, I had some tonight and I will make a salad with them tomorrow

I baked some tofu also, maybe I will make another dozen hard boiled eggs, I am tired working all night screws me up..

oh so I went to the cleaners and the lady behind the counter says to me "OH you look great !! You have lost so much weight!! That's good IF you keep it up" ah WTH?? er.. thank you.. I think.. people are so funny.

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. That is good....You have done great...and you aren't far off an 8 are you/
    You should have looked at that chick and have a job, that's great...if you keep it.
    don't let the suckers bring you down. And the frozen yogurt looks good.

  2. I just love people, smile politly and say thank you. Then slap them silly (in your head). You look great!

  3. People say the same to me.
    I think to myself "Do I say stupid things like that?"
    Well, usually I don't.
    FroYo is working for ya!
    You are really doing well!

  4. That wasn't very nice of that lady. She should have stopped while she was ahead. I haven't seen the chocolate mint Vitatops before. I am going to ask our grocer if they can order that kind


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