Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Post #257

I baked more blueberry Fiber one muffins, they are so easy, just freeze them and no more running to Trader Joe's every other day!!

egg white sandwich for breakfast

I was off today and had a lot to do so I had a big lunch, hot dogs and vegetables

I was at the Topanga Mall and couldn't believe what they can do with a beautiful apple!!! sheesh... I think I may need to invest in a new camera my apples and Greek Yogurt picture didn't turn out. If this becomes an every day thing, I will need a new one!!

Frozen yogurt

more egg whites

Green beans for dinner, I may put some Laughing cow on them???

I start class tonight, my last class for the Retail Management certificate... I am a retail manager, now I will be certified, yuck yuck!!!

ok, ok, so that wasn't funny......

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog award

Lesia over at Here we go...hold on tight was a sweetie and gave me an award

I have to state 10 things I like

days off, clean house smell, freshly done nails, clean kitchens, paid bills, finding money in my pockets, bloggy pals, Jack the pug, my kids, kiwi (though I never eat it!!) Happy perfum by Clinique, real gold earrings, Maybelline Great Lash mascara, my job, my family, losing weight, feeling better about myself, nice people that don't gossip, talking to friends on the phone, tole painting (I hardly do it any more) Skinny Vanilla Lattes with an add shot, BMW cars (never owned one and probabley never will) country music, a good bra, new clothes, not having to shop at Lane Bryant

oops, I only had to list 10.... sorry I got carried away

10 bloggers to pass on to

the unknown dieter
The Big Girl Chronicles

the thing about awards for me is just saying thank you to those folks that keep me on track and make me feel like there are others out there going though the same real world things I go through, reading your blogs somehow make it easier for me, so if you pass on the award, or not

Thank you for helping me

Post # 256

So the plan this week is to maintain, I am sure the weight loss gods, and my big ole too much eatin self does not have weight loss in the plan for this week

good news though I got back on the treadmill this morning after I stretched out my muscles

Gnu was last night

egg white sandwich

work food: vegetables, cinnamon and sweetener covered apples to which I added Greek yogurt, muffins, vegetables and a Dr P's veggie burger with 2 wedges of Laughing Cow and an egg white sandwich.... I didn't eat the popcorn

Fiber One bar... toot toot here comes Karla.... whatever... I am off tomorrow, I can toot away!!

Frozen yogurt
so I have used 23 of my 35 weeklies

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post # 255

I had an omelet; mushrooms, onions and peppers with salsa. I haven't had one in a while

egg white sandwich

toasted coconut and pineapple yogurt

The picture of my dinner was messed up, I had broccoli with 2 wedges of blue cheese laughing cow and 28g of Parmesan cheese

a popcorn and fudge bar

oh and I had my mitts in my sons popcorn at the movies, not a lot though, maybe 2 points worth

I pulled my groin muscle and I haven't used my treadmill for 2 days, tomorrow I will try it at a lower speed, and stretch first..... I never stretch

feeling like the flu may be creeping up on me, Thank you Lesia for the blog award I will address it tomorrow... I am not feeling to great right now.

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Post # 254 Part two

so far I have used 19 of my 35

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Post # 254

Inventory was last night
work food: salad... I didn't have any cottage cheese so I added tofu... ehh ok, the cottage cheese adds like a creamy texture so it's almost like have a creamy dressing, oh I ate it but I like it better with cottage cheese, muffins, faux egg salad sandwich, yogurt with apple and cinnamon, at work a few folks told me my food looks yucky... whatever apples with cinnamon and Greek yogurt is so good

I ate a few green beans with the light balsamic vinegarret dressing

turkey roll up with pickles this time


frozen yogurt, this is from Yozen Frogurt... their flavors are soo much better, creamier and about the same price, but I kind of feel a loyalty to Yogurt Delight, dumb huh?? Bye Bye Yogurt Delight we need to part ways..... OMG!!! am I tired or what???

freakin go to bed and get some sleep girl.... hee hee I have no intention to!! I am going to zone out and watch Charmed tonight..... like the planet gives a rats rear what I am watching on TV huh.....
okay okay I am leaving now!!!

sheesh some people never shut the freak up!!!

oh I have used 13
or my 35 so far

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Post # 253 continued

yes I had 2 frozen yogurts yesterday.... bad!! bad!! dieter!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Post # 253

Turkey roll up for breakfast

work food: salad, I added the green beans to the rest of the salad, mixed it all up and had a great salad for lunch, muffins, apples, cinnamon and Greek yogurt, and High Fiber toast with mustard and

hard boiled egg whites, for a kinda egg white sandwich

the gal I work with bought Fiber One bars, I had one

and a frozen yogurt for dinner

Inventory tonight, my store this time!! Going to go get a few hours sleep, I have to be back at 11 pm ... I will be sleeping tomorrow!!!

so far this week: used 4 of my 35 weeklies

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Post #252

I am NORMAL!!!!
I started out, obese, went through overweigh and this morning the scale said 153.8.... a normal BMI!!! WOW!! I have 5 more pounds to go until I hit my 50 pounds lost milestone and 18.8 until I reach my goal of 135!! then the hard part starts, keeping it off!! I have lost weight a zillion times before (never this steadyily, and never without diet pulls!!) so this blog may be my Daily thought's for a lot longer than just 2010, I think you are stuck with me blogger buddies :)

soo the popcorn was last night

breakfast was egg white sandwich open faced with salsa on it

work food: broccoli with a Dr P's veggie burger and 1 point of Parmesan cheese, apples cinnamon and Greek yogurt, veggies and cottage cheese, 2 home made blueberry bran muffins, and a kinda egg white sandwich, I put Grey Poupon on the high fiber toast with egg whites

dinner was a frozen yogurt, a medium tonight, so I went a point over today

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Post # 251

Thank you blogger buddies for all you kind comments :)
The fudge bars are Healthy Choice, FYI

okay... today's munchies were 2 Low Fat Eggo waffles with egg whites and SF syrup for breakfast

work food: a giant salad with 2 points worth of cottage cheese, I counted it as a 5 point salad even though I only had 1 point of dressing, I figure there was a mountain of vegetables in it, that has to count for something, right? egg whites, a Gnu bar, apple, cinnamon and Greek yogurt and a sandwich

frozen yogurt

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is

Post # 250

I LOVE these new fudge bars... maybe too much!!

Egg white sandwich and blueberry bran muffins for breakfast

apples, cinamon and Greek yogurt


and egg white "sandwich" I put Grey Poupon on a high fiber toast

Gnu bar, I think it's funny how up in the upper right corner the bars say "it works"..... er what EXACTLY do you mean??? hummm??? LOL

I journal my food even though I take pictures of it, the journaling keeps me accountable, but I never seem to finish the day 100%

dinner was vegetables, I put them in a ziploc bag with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and some seasoning and put them on the George Forman, it was good. Oven is easier, to hot to turn on the oven though...

popcorn and a few more egg whites, so to sum it up today was egg whites and vegetables and Fudge bars .... yes, ok!!! ok!!! I ate two

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Monday, August 23, 2010

Post # 249

I had a good day today... eating wise... stress wise now thats another story... LOL

egg white sandwich for breakfast, I took a small container of Carnation SF Vanilla creamer and got an iced Starbuck, VIOLA 2 point Vente iced latte' ... sorry no picture

work food, salad was cold green beans and roasted vegetables left over and I added grated jicama, cucumbers, chopped some carrots and chopped red onions, cherry tomatoes, Fiber One cottage cheese with crushed red pepper, and half Light balsamic vinegareet dressing and half straight balsamic vinegar ... uber good salad!!!

Egg whites, muffins, sandwich, popcorn, and I chopped the apple up added sweetner and cinamon and put the Greek yogurt over it :)

Frozen yogurt on the way home

tiny bit of leftover veggies

People are noticing, feels good... weird... sometimes uncomfortable, strange huh??? I am learning to say thank you and trying not to see myself as the "Fat one" ...weird I am not that fat girl anymore .... she still goes with me everywhere though ....

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

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