Sunday, August 1, 2010

Post # 228

Breakfast was a turkey wrap, these are really easy and good!! (I also have 4 packages of tortillas in the refrigerator, one of those things you always think you don't have, but you do!!) it is turkey, Grey Poupon and Laughing Cow cheese

Went running around doing chores and picked up a Gnu bar, Banana Walnut, it was good and only 2 points!!

Trader Joe's egg white salad on Bimbo toast

TJ's bran muffin

a frozen yogurt

I made oven baked summer squash.... my stomach hurts!! I ate soo much squash!! but according to the WW web site a pound of summer squash is only 1 point and I used the mister and sprayed them with olive oil, okay now you are thinking olive oil!! what is that? like 4 points??!! NO!!!

the mister when I set it up I put 3 tablespoons in it and I have used it over 10 times! and there is still alot of olive oil still in it!! a wonderful little gadget ... thank you sis :)

Hebrew National low fat hot dogs (only 40 calories EACH!!) I had 3, cut one in half long ways and put the in a Sara Lee 80 calorie bun, so this entire dinner with the overload of summer squash and adding a point for the olive oil was only 7

making my day total 23!! woot woot!! and I am so full from the squash I doubt I will want anything else.

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Had some fro yo and thought about you!

  2. Where do I get those Gnu Banana Walnut bars?

  3. Nice day! I have yet to try froyo or Gnu bars!!

  4. 1100 calories, a ton of gorgeous food, a diet !!
    I needs me a Fro !!! Nice work... Isn't 1100 calories starvation ??? C'mon, you must be killing yourself....

  5. Your food looks so good. Makes you realize that you can have your "cake" and eat it too, so to speak. I'm coming here for food ideas!


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