Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Post # 231

Last night I oven roasted some vegetables, they looked so good... I had me a nibble

Bagel thin toasted with cottage cheese

work food: oven roasted vegetables with 2 wedges of Laughing cow, popcorn, muffin, hard boiled eggs (I threw away the yolks) TJ's egg white salad (I bought some Bimbo crunchy toast, forgot to take a picture) I tried a new Greek yogurt, I really liked the yogurt, but I also had dried blueberries... I remember really liking them, they tasted like weird blue raisins... hummm... I took a container of the Carnation Sugar Free creamer to add to an iced Starbucks coffee (unsweetened) to make a 2 point iced latte

I came home and chopped up more vegetables for oven roasted vegetables, put them on a cookie sheet spay a little Pam so they don't stick to the foil, any kind of vegetables, spritz some olive oil on them and bake them for an hour at 325-350, I think I will run into the kitchen and splash some balsamic vinegar on them, to add the extra yummo factor

Frozen yogurt for dinner

see ya tomorrow... less of me that is


  1. Love the Balsamic Vinegar for roasting!

  2. Wow, those veggies look good. And I agree with Anne...mmmm, Balsamic. Hey, your blog is making me hungry - lol.

    You sure make heathly eating look good.

  3. Summer is the best for those yummy veggies.


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