Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Post # 237

I am not feeling too diety today
In a funk...
last night popcorn and Vitatop, I know I am going to see a gain tomorrow and it is no big surprise, just I need to get off my arse and do this thing!!!

egg white sandwich for breakfast

work food: salad with cold green beans, chopped carrots, chopped jicama, chopped red onions, chopped cucumber with cottage cheese and balsamic vinegar. Greek yogurt with apple and cinnamon, muffin. TJ's egg white salad on high fiber toast

stupid chips!!!

fro yo on the way home...

so what is the plan for next week?? I think I have gotten into the 50's and have gotten comfortable, complacent, lazy, too damn many Vitatops and fro yo's

OK so whats the plan??? I think I need to show the math on my blog every day, when I do that it helps. Lets try that this next week, see how it works. I have to face the scale tomorrow... ain't gonna be pretty folks

see ya tomorrow


  1. These things do little deal at a time.
    I think treats are just that - a treat.
    Not an every day occurrence.
    Plus, for me, I enjoy them much more when
    I get to look forward to a special sumping-sumping!

    What's the plan, Miss Karla?

  2. A while back before they started selling Vita tops at EVERY grocery store, I ordered a sampler pack. I got really IN to the Vita weight loss kinda stalled out. I still have one every once in a while, but more as the occasional treat. I could live on Vitatops 3 meals a day, but that would be dangerous.

  3. On another note looking at that popcorn right now is making me like really want to get up and go to the store to get some.


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