Thursday, August 12, 2010

Post # 238

turkey sandwich 2, FF half and half in coffee 2

SF Carnation creamer in an iced coffee 2

The annual work picnic was today, it was amazing!!! so much food and fun!!! BUT I took my food I feel better when I have more control over what I am eating so my work food was, salad 3, Egg white salad with High Fiber bimbo toast 4, yogurt 2, cherries 1, egg whites 2

cabbage 0

frozen yogurt 3

popcorn 1

total = 21

See ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Still waiting to hear WHY the bonfire yesterday?

  2. because I have not been losing weight and going over almost every day on my points. Vitatops are too easy to have 2-3 EVERY day and I believe part of the reason for my stalled weigh... like I said in the post.... ENOUGH!!! I am going to lose this and get to my personal goal of 140 and having Vitatops in the freezer is not helping me. If it isn't helping me in my weight loss, then it won't be in the house!!

  3. I love the photo of the starbucks iced coffee on the dashboard!

  4. Food is such a big part of our social ritual.
    You can't go barely one place without being around it.
    Darn stuff is every where!

  5. I agree with Anne, all our socializing is based around Food. That darn stuff is everywhere. Good to see you're back on track, Karla.


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