Sunday, August 15, 2010

Post # 241

Hubby had sliced some squash when I got home last night, so I baked it thinking I would take it today for lunch, nope I munched on it last night, has zero points so no big deal

egg white sandwich with salsa

work food: carrots and cucumber, Greek yogurt with a peach, popcorn, egg white salad with high fiber toast, egg whites and a Fiber One bar

Karla Iced Latte (SF Carnation creamer in an iced coffee with an add shot and a whole bunch of sweetner)

Frozen yogurt

Good eats today!! 100% on program, had my water, my vitamins and did my usual 20 minutes on the treadmil

my new work pants are a size 10!!! WOOT WOOT

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. I use those tall skinny cups for coffee and stuff...
    They are the only ones that fit in the cup holder without spilling!
    Have you tried flavored syrups with coffee?

  2. We are twins now I am in a size 10 too. Such a GREAT feeling. Can't wait to get a size 8 now. Then I think I will stop. smile.

  3. I can't remember the last time I was a size 10! I can't wait!!

  4. I'm going through your posts and making lists for food ideas for me.
    questions: do you fry up your egg whites each meal or all at once and dole them out a meal at a time? Do you use real eggs for that or the liquid egg white stuff?

    Oh, I can not believe you burned your vita tops~! wowza! but if it works for you then yee hah!

  5. I make my fried egg whites in the morning, with Pam and I usually hard boil 3 dozen eggs at a time, between myself, my son and daughter we eat about 18 eggs a day!!! I only use regular eggs, not the liquid eggs

    Also, Anne I haven't tried the syrups, they seem expensive and I wouldn't be sure I would like them. I have heard some Walmarts carry the Devinci SF syrups, I will look for them


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