Friday, August 27, 2010

Post # 253

Turkey roll up for breakfast

work food: salad, I added the green beans to the rest of the salad, mixed it all up and had a great salad for lunch, muffins, apples, cinnamon and Greek yogurt, and High Fiber toast with mustard and

hard boiled egg whites, for a kinda egg white sandwich

the gal I work with bought Fiber One bars, I had one

and a frozen yogurt for dinner

Inventory tonight, my store this time!! Going to go get a few hours sleep, I have to be back at 11 pm ... I will be sleeping tomorrow!!!

so far this week: used 4 of my 35 weeklies

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Ah the gift of Fiber One bars, thats a good gift.

  2. notice my blog...I kept you as a follower to read cause I love your food choices and watching your progress. smile.

  3. Some guy at Sam's offered me a "nutritional bar."
    I said "No, thank you - I'm on a diet"
    And he stopped and said "But it's a NUTRITIONAL bar!"
    Like I didn't hear him.
    Guess only certain ones actually contain any nutrition!


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