Saturday, August 28, 2010

Post # 254

Inventory was last night
work food: salad... I didn't have any cottage cheese so I added tofu... ehh ok, the cottage cheese adds like a creamy texture so it's almost like have a creamy dressing, oh I ate it but I like it better with cottage cheese, muffins, faux egg salad sandwich, yogurt with apple and cinnamon, at work a few folks told me my food looks yucky... whatever apples with cinnamon and Greek yogurt is so good

I ate a few green beans with the light balsamic vinegarret dressing

turkey roll up with pickles this time


frozen yogurt, this is from Yozen Frogurt... their flavors are soo much better, creamier and about the same price, but I kind of feel a loyalty to Yogurt Delight, dumb huh?? Bye Bye Yogurt Delight we need to part ways..... OMG!!! am I tired or what???

freakin go to bed and get some sleep girl.... hee hee I have no intention to!! I am going to zone out and watch Charmed tonight..... like the planet gives a rats rear what I am watching on TV huh.....
okay okay I am leaving now!!!

sheesh some people never shut the freak up!!!

oh I have used 13
or my 35 so far

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. oh PS... Fiber One bars are freaking EVIL!!!! never again!

  2. I think your food looks yummy and I like Charmed too and I think you talk just fine. :)

  3. :) I can't keep fiber one bars in the house or i just devour them!
    My food doesn't always look good and people will say so but oh my it tastes good :)

  4. Karla, I love those transformation photos on your sidebar! That is terrific motivation ... and congrats on your food choices during inventory. You'll kick out that last 10 lbs before you know it. Awesome!!

  5. Huh, folks told you your food looks yucky? Do they have insurance? They may want to go get a check up cuz something is wrong with them :-)

    I told you a few days back apples with cinnamon and Greek yogurt was something I hadn't thought of. Thanks to you guess what I have in house now? Yep, and it'sgoing to be part of dinner tonight. Thanks for that !


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