Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Post #257

I baked more blueberry Fiber one muffins, they are so easy, just freeze them and no more running to Trader Joe's every other day!!

egg white sandwich for breakfast

I was off today and had a lot to do so I had a big lunch, hot dogs and vegetables

I was at the Topanga Mall and couldn't believe what they can do with a beautiful apple!!! sheesh... I think I may need to invest in a new camera my apples and Greek Yogurt picture didn't turn out. If this becomes an every day thing, I will need a new one!!

Frozen yogurt

more egg whites

Green beans for dinner, I may put some Laughing cow on them???

I start class tonight, my last class for the Retail Management certificate... I am a retail manager, now I will be certified, yuck yuck!!!

ok, ok, so that wasn't funny......

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. A new camera is a treat!
    Do you get a promotion as well?
    There ya go then; there's your new camera!

  2. You have more will power than i do. If i baked those muffins half of them would be gone by now!

  3. Ok tell all about the blueberry muffins..did I miss the recipe? Is it the Fiber one mix muffin mix or a by scratch. I love to bake, it can be a trigger for me, but I would rather do it and do it right than not do it at all. Hope that made sense.

    Oh and I went to Trader Joes--looked for the egg salad and the muffins. Nada. My TJ is a loser apparently.

  4. Hey I found an alternative for butter and its 0 points. Have you heard of butter buds sprinkles? Its in the spice section. I really love it, it taste like real butter to me. Let me know what you think. I just order PB2 also. Haven't got that yet. But I see others using it.

  5. Did you puth the laughing cow on the green beans? Cheezy Green Beans does sond like a winner idea.


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