Thursday, September 30, 2010

Post # 287

better food day today, I went to breakfast with my kids and got an egg white omelete with mushrooms, spinach, onions and veggie sausage.. I did not eat the fruit, it was kind of tasteless

Gnu Peanut butter bar

a plate of veggies from the food court at the mall, I split it with Erin

egg white sandwiches

fudge bar

high fiber toast with cottage cheese

some popchips

dinner was mixed vegetables with Parmesan, marg and Laughing Cow light

see you tomorrow......... less of me that is

weigh in, and following

I lost 1.4 this week!!!

boo ya BABY!!! woo hoo!!!

I also stopped following 2 "weight loss" bloggers, kind of sucks these two ladies have lost a TON of weight but I keep reading every day, every day, every day they eat CRAP.

I love their success and applaud their accomplishment of having lost the weight, but isn't maintenance and having a healthy lifestyle about CHANGING the way you eat, if you are eating cupcakes, pumpkin scones (and yall know how I love those things!!) Coconut M&M's ... ah no no no!!! I cannot have it in my mind that once I get to my goal (135) that those kind of food choices are okay for me.... if it works for them more power to you sistar!!

but for me, I know I will shoot right back into those size 18 jeans so fast it will be like I was shoot out of a freaking cannon ball (... note to self... showing age again!!)

I need to be reading bloggs of people that have gotten to goal and have changed the way they eat

makes me sad

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

# 286 again

OMG!!! this is what I ate tonight

nothing :)
6 and a half hours from 3 pm to 9:30
gee's there are people with real problems, I am suddenly embarrassed to be proud of this silly accomplishment
see ya at the scale come morning

Post # 286

ok so here is the deal, I ate like crap today

sorry to offend but it is what it is

Fudge bar was last night

I made pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast, you are probley wondering where is the picture, right? I threw it in the trash!!! I love me some pumpkin pie, I love a Starbucks pumpkin scone, even a pumpkin muffin, but any other pumpkin, yuck!!! It is a flavor I want to like, but no way!! ain't happening. I guess no Dieters Pumpkin badge for me!!

egg white sandwich

Greek yogurt with peach

Gnu bar

Movie food: a turkey sandwich, cucumber and carrots and a bag of 1 point popcorn and I STILL ate some of Bob's movie theater popcorn, crap crap crap crap!!! they must put crack in those bags!!! I swear how else does that stuff taste so damn good???

so I am pissed because I ate the popcorn, wishing I could just like the stupid pumpkin, but it just ain't happening so we go to the yozen frogurt store and I got a vanilla with sugar free fudge

now the fudge looked so good, ................... looks amazing right????

well I don't know if it was my pissy ass mood or what but the freaking fudge was so not what I wanted

so it is 3PM here in sunny ole California, and I am not going to eat anything else............... oh and I did not walk on the treadmill this morning!!! I am not having a good day

on a better note........ run DO NOT WALK..... run to the movies The Town, with Ben Affleck
AAAAmazing!!! so good!! was one of best, if not THEE best movie I have seen this year

oh and just in case you happen to be reading this blog Mr. Affleck you make my heart go pitter, patter :) oohh lala

see ya tomorrow........... hopefully in a better mood!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Post # 285

Glad I have school tonight.... hubby is on the warpath.... grump alert!!! Warning Will Robinson... Warning.... the poor kids....

any hoo ha
Oatmeal and a banana

Gnu bar; oatmeal raisin

Greek yogurt with a peach

egg white sandwich

I bake vegetables again!! I love love love these and so easy!! on my handy dandy WW scale weighing out the cheese

Frozen yogurt, aren't the roses nice?? at the frozen yogurt shop, made me smile :)

I will take carrots and cucumbers for school break tonight

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is

Monday, September 27, 2010

Post # 284 again

Cue the Brittany Spears music .... Oops I did it again!!

Post # 284

Breakfast was oatmeal with peaches, cinnamon and the fake Splenda brown sugar

a banana with cinnamon

egg white sandwich (I know, I am burnt out on egg white sandwiches but I have 2 dozen hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator.... whats a gal to do??)

carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes

The plan was for a bean and cheese burrito, but I forgot about it in the toaster oven, so it was a Quesidia ...

hold it....... wait for it........ strike a pose.... Fudge bar Vanna White style.... oops I was showing my age there

High fiber crunchy toast with half a serving of cottage cheese (ya think I need to clean my scale, embarrassing.... sheeseh... some people)

Green beans with Laughing Cow and a shake of Parmesan cheese

okay, okay... I had two bowls of beans ...toot toot here comes Karla :)~

See ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Anita Renfroe - Before I Eat

loving it!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Post # 283

We went out for breakfast, egg white omelet with spinach, onions and mushroom and some strawberries

banana with cinnamon and sweetener and Greek yogurt... didn't need sweetener, what was I thinking??

Gnu bar, I had the brownie... so good!! I like the brownie, oatmeal and the banana nut. I bought the peanut butter and the espresso chip, I will let you know...

frozen yogurt

Movie food: sandwich and carrots and cucumber, if anyone asks the new Resident Evil movie sucks big time!!!! do NOT waste your money!!

dinner was oven roasted vegetables. I took mushrooms, peppers and squash (all from Costco) and put them in a large ziploc baggie with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, shook it up so it was all coated and put it on a cookie sheet with Pam for an hour at 325

I added a serving of low fat shredded cheese, it was delicious!!!


Dexter starts tonight!!!

Boo ya!!!

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is

Rest of 282 and misc

carrots and cucumber were last night.....

then I had a few crackers and salsa .....

It was hot hot hot here today and when I was making dinner (next post) I pulled on a pair of my fat pants

they don't fit any more :)

I gave the dogs a bath today, usually they go to the groomers, but not today!!! I think they were thinking

hey Mom WTF???

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Post # 282

So here goes!!! I had 2 Fudge bars last night and one this evening....

breakfast was apple cinnamon oatmeal, next time I will peel the apples, but it was very tasty!!

Greek yogurt with walnuts and honey

Peanut butter Gnu bar

green beans with a wedge of Laughing Cow

carrots, cucumber

cold leftover vegetables with half a serving of cottage cheese and half a serving of Paul Newman's light balsamic vinaigrette

dinner was a pizza made with La Tortilla 80 calorie tortilla, a serving of Low fat cheese half a serving of marinara sauce and some turkey pepperoni

different, no eggs!!! BUT I wonder if I will be hungry with less protein??? we will see....

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is

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