Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post # 258

A few things,

  • I posted the muffin recipe
  • Mixing Laughing Cow Blue cheese with hot green beans.... SO good!!
  • Butter Buds, Lesia, I am going to try this!! 0 points for butter flavor, I AM all over that idea!!
  • I bought the sugar free syrups, love them!! I am going to get the French Vanilla next!! coconut is so so

breakfast was an egg white sandwich, I broke a tiny bit of a yolk in there, I tried to scoop it out, eh whatever...

Gnu bar

warning Lesia... look away!!
Work food: WW zero point vegetable soup with tofu and soy sauce, California roll (in Utah is it a Utah roll? a South Dakota roll??? just wondering) egg white sandwich,blueberries with cinnamon and sweetener and Greek yogurt (new favorite, rivals apples and cinnamon)

a Frozen yogurt; Strawberry cheesecake flavor

I weigh tomorrow and look at all the soy sauce = sodium = water retention = whatever... I wasn't an A student this week in weight loss class

see ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is


  1. I also found 0 pt syrup. I made black bean brownies last night. Only 2 points really yummy too. Lots of fiber so can't eat a lot at once...LOL

  2. Mixing Laughing Cow with green beans - thanks for the idea. Sounds yummy. BTW, I bought some GNU bars. Waiting for the shipment.


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