Friday, September 10, 2010

Post # 267

No brainer food day:

breakfast egg white sandwich

work food: salad with cottage cheese and light balsamic vinaigrette, egg white sandwich, popcorn, Gnu bar, blueberries with Cinnamon and Greek yogurt

frozen yogurt half peppermint patty, half no sugar added vanilla

some cold green beans and more light balsamic vinaigrette
enough for the day!!! Kitchen is closed

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is


  1. Hungry, I am hungry... I want green beans today, I know that. You said Garlic too, that always gets me going too, kindof like coffee to a caffiene addict I get a charge out of garlic.

    Have a good day, Never Forget!

  2. Just an update, I had green beans with dinner tonight. No garlic though, but a bit of horseraddish tossed about them instead. Very good :-)


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