Monday, September 27, 2010

Post # 284

Breakfast was oatmeal with peaches, cinnamon and the fake Splenda brown sugar

a banana with cinnamon

egg white sandwich (I know, I am burnt out on egg white sandwiches but I have 2 dozen hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator.... whats a gal to do??)

carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes

The plan was for a bean and cheese burrito, but I forgot about it in the toaster oven, so it was a Quesidia ...

hold it....... wait for it........ strike a pose.... Fudge bar Vanna White style.... oops I was showing my age there

High fiber crunchy toast with half a serving of cottage cheese (ya think I need to clean my scale, embarrassing.... sheeseh... some people)

Green beans with Laughing Cow and a shake of Parmesan cheese

okay, okay... I had two bowls of beans ...toot toot here comes Karla :)~

See ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Just stay back at least 5' from the computer :)

  2. I'd like to buy a vowel....
    Hey Vanna, pick me a letter!
    Remember that song?
    Now I'm showing MY age!

  3. I didn't notice anything on the scales. See now I am showing my age...bad eyes that is!..good luck with the toot

  4. look how small you are in the pic!! you are doing great!


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