Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Post # 286

ok so here is the deal, I ate like crap today

sorry to offend but it is what it is

Fudge bar was last night

I made pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast, you are probley wondering where is the picture, right? I threw it in the trash!!! I love me some pumpkin pie, I love a Starbucks pumpkin scone, even a pumpkin muffin, but any other pumpkin, yuck!!! It is a flavor I want to like, but no way!! ain't happening. I guess no Dieters Pumpkin badge for me!!

egg white sandwich

Greek yogurt with peach

Gnu bar

Movie food: a turkey sandwich, cucumber and carrots and a bag of 1 point popcorn and I STILL ate some of Bob's movie theater popcorn, crap crap crap crap!!! they must put crack in those bags!!! I swear how else does that stuff taste so damn good???

so I am pissed because I ate the popcorn, wishing I could just like the stupid pumpkin, but it just ain't happening so we go to the yozen frogurt store and I got a vanilla with sugar free fudge

now the fudge looked so good, ................... looks amazing right????

well I don't know if it was my pissy ass mood or what but the freaking fudge was so not what I wanted

so it is 3PM here in sunny ole California, and I am not going to eat anything else............... oh and I did not walk on the treadmill this morning!!! I am not having a good day

on a better note........ run DO NOT WALK..... run to the movies The Town, with Ben Affleck
AAAAmazing!!! so good!! was one of best, if not THEE best movie I have seen this year

oh and just in case you happen to be reading this blog Mr. Affleck you make my heart go pitter, patter :) oohh lala

see ya tomorrow........... hopefully in a better mood!!!


  1. I like me some Jeremy Renner. Yum.

    As for your popcorn binge-I guess it could be worse, but if you need to go read my nasty graphic post again... ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  2. It could always be worse.
    Wipe the grease off your hands,
    Wipe the dust off your shoes,
    And try to regroup, eh?
    Bad days will come and go!

  3. That popcorn i swear is as addictive as crack!!
    Tomorrow is a new day make the most of it :)
    I will be after having chinese today.

  4. sorry you are feeling sad but you are freakin AWESOME!!!

  5. wait, starbucks has pumpkin scones? omg.

  6. yeah Vee don't try one you will eat 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 they are so freking amazing!!

  7. Ok, movie recommendation noted. My thought is Ben's best work is behind him, but what do I know. I pine away at night waiting for the next John Wayne.


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