Thursday, September 30, 2010

weigh in, and following

I lost 1.4 this week!!!

boo ya BABY!!! woo hoo!!!

I also stopped following 2 "weight loss" bloggers, kind of sucks these two ladies have lost a TON of weight but I keep reading every day, every day, every day they eat CRAP.

I love their success and applaud their accomplishment of having lost the weight, but isn't maintenance and having a healthy lifestyle about CHANGING the way you eat, if you are eating cupcakes, pumpkin scones (and yall know how I love those things!!) Coconut M&M's ... ah no no no!!! I cannot have it in my mind that once I get to my goal (135) that those kind of food choices are okay for me.... if it works for them more power to you sistar!!

but for me, I know I will shoot right back into those size 18 jeans so fast it will be like I was shoot out of a freaking cannon ball (... note to self... showing age again!!)

I need to be reading bloggs of people that have gotten to goal and have changed the way they eat

makes me sad


  1. AMEN!! I did the same thing months ago by not reading the blogs that are not REALLY wanting to change. Who needs a constant reminder of their failures? Not me. It is hard enough to find the time to read the ones that ARE doing well. WAY TO GO on your weight loss!

  2. Amen ditto !!! Even the chips part...

  3. Congratulations to you on the loss!! I am so freaking jealous, lol!! Thank you for your support on my blog. I refuse to give up no matter how many weeks the %$&* scales show a gain!!

  4. What an awesome loss!! You seriously rock :)
    I have to delete a few blogs that really don't help but hinder.

  5. great loss! Keep up that hard work!

  6. Rock on!! Closer and closer to goal.. :)

  7. Been there-cut myself off from reading quite a few blogs because of it. Sabotaging once is 'expected' I guess, twice-shame on you, three times-shame on me for continuing to read. I mean really how long does it take to learn a lesson? If I see the scale go up once-that slaps me outta that cheating-if that were me anyway...

    Polar's Mom

  8. Don't those 140's feel friggen GREAT!

  9. Looks like you are getting rid of more than just dead weight!

  10. Poundage shed - Oh Yeah!

    Bloogers shed - don't be sad. If they aren't helping you, move on. Maybe pop in here or there to say Hi, sure. But keep the positive stuff you need close and the negative or distracting stuff at a further distance. Smart move on your part!


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