Thursday, October 14, 2010

301 and 51 and a gain

today I am 51!!
I know I know you all thought I was
er...41??? ..... No

alright, alright I fess up ... old gal alert!!! right here!!!

whatever!!! 51 is good!! I feel grateful today

weigh in sucked (up .4) and my meeting sucked but I am still feeling good!!

let's talk about staying pretty much the same weigh for the last 2 weeks: It has been a very emotional time (read back if you need to) so I am forgiving myself and owning up to why... I haven't been tracking as well as I would normally and that is going to stop today!!! today I went over by 8 points this will include the frozen yogurt I will have tonight with my daughter and her boyfriend, she knew I had a bummer meeting and so she wants to take me out for fro yo.... she's a sweetheart!!

okay on to today's kibble

breakfast was and egg white sandwich and a Trader Joe's high fiber muffin

I ate a banana at the meeting and packed food for the meeting: salad, peaches with cinnamon and Greek yogurt, sandwich, Gnu bar, and a protein drink

Panda Express for the men, so I got some vegetables for myself, I counted them as 2 points because I am sure there was some kind of oil or something on them

Have a great day .... hug those you love :)

see you tomorrow..... less of me that is


  1. Oh, for sweet!
    51 is a great time.
    And look - 51 pounds!

  2. Happy Birthday! I never would have guessed you're 51! You don't look that old at all! :)

  3. Age is a states of mind! Happy birthday !

  4. I hope I look as GREAT as you at 51. Happy Birthday Karla. SMILE!

  5. Happy Birthday!! We agree it rocks that you are 51 with 51 lbs lost!!

    Hope you have a great day day tomorrow!

  6. Happy Birthday - 51 and looking great!

    Keep smiling !

  7. Happy Birthday!! Have a great 'you' day :)

  8. Happy Belated and you do not look 51.


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