Monday, October 4, 2010

Post # 291

Fudge bar was last night

Fried egg white sandwich was breakfast

work food: makins of an egg white sandwich

apple with cinnamon and Greek yogurt
California roll

WW zero point soup with tofu

I stopped for frozen yogurt

green beans when I got home
I had a VERY hard day today and when I got home things went from bad to worse ......... I want to go buy a large something of alcohol and drink myself into oblivion......... or get into my car and leave.

that's it ....JUST leave

so I think to myself (I do that sometimes... ) "ok Karla, no booze, no leaving, I can't eat away this bad bad bad bad day so I will get on the computer and read some blogs, get inspired, uplifted and what do I read???


I don't want to read about the Weight Loss blogging wars

I also read yesterday from a blogger I truly admire, slammin folks that post pictures of their food, boy did I feel small and insignificant


maybe I will switch to the fashion blogs...

what do you think? en egg white and mustard colored pants suit.... naaa

I just want to escape into a nurturing and fairy tale supportive group of folks and if you blog anything other than that


I am gone....

I used to love reading weight loss blogs

maybe it is time for a break. I think I will just post my food pictures and my weight and start treating this as just a food diary

I want my fantasy supportive nurturing weight loss friends back


  1. wow we are def on the same wave length regarding this post. one really offended me last night but then i thought hell she isn't even losing any weight at all and eating like crap why the hell am i even following her? lol. anywho i am going to cont posting whatever the hell i like be it food, scale pic and whatever else i choose and i hope you continue to do the same. the food pics inspire me to eat healthy and alot of times i learn about new foods and snacks (those GNU bars are awesome) so thanks for posting :)

  2. Me and my blog - we wander around like a lost puppy going down an alley - checking out the sights and sounds and smells....
    I avoid the haters and bashers....
    I get more than my share directly and personally!
    I just move on..... *sigh*
    I drank the sh!t out my self.... didn't work....
    I drove the sh!t out of myself.... didn't change a thing....
    So now I just do my dealy-o, and think happy thoughts!
    With the occasional melt-down.
    Like a sugar-free fudgesicle on a summers day!
    But other than that...... it's all good, right?!

  3. Hey Karla, don't change a thing about your blog, I love it! I have an award for you on my blog if you would like to pick it up!

  4. Aw! I don't think that's asking too much at all! I follow some fashion blogs and they're a fun break from what can be a dramatic group of weight loss bloggers. You're right - just say no to hating! I love seeing your pics and getting updated on your daily routine! You inspire me to remember to "be good." I'm at 163 and want to get down about 20 lbs and your daily posts help keep me in check :0)

  5. Well as you know i do exactly what you do :)Personally i think we both rock! And haters can stay away from me.


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