Friday, October 8, 2010

Post # 296

Breakfast was an egg white burrito

Gnu bar

peaches with cinnamon and Greek yogurt

some left over Cole slaw, I squeezed the heck out of the bag to get all of the dressing off, I even used a paper towel to "dry" the Cole slaw

Fudge bar

a muffin with Greek yogurt with honey

carrots, jicama, and cucumber

dinner was mixed vegetables with Laughing Cow Light, I oh so wanted margarine but instead I measured out a serving of the Low Fat Newman's dressing, it added flavor so I was satisfied

Family dynamics are hard, I am a HARD ASS, I am not the forgive and forget type and I know this makes me a not nice person. If you behave a certain way for a really long time and are hurtful, I am not quick to forgive. I seem to be the only one that feels this way. Makes me sad, I wish I was different, but I am who I am

It is going to be a hard few days

see you tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. "hugs" my thoughts are with you this week!

  2. That's WHY I love you so much, cause I'm a HARD ASS too:)

  3. I'm a hard ass as well....
    That' why I forgive and forget -
    So "they" won't be influencing me anymore -
    those bad-behaving people are relegated to the past -
    Which doesn't really exist, any ways!
    Hugs to you, too, Karla!


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