Sunday, October 10, 2010

Post # 297

My son took this picture today!!

Breakfast was an egg white burrito: 5 egg whites and Laughing Cow light with Salsa and Tapatio sauce on an 80 calorie whole wheat tortilla

Trader Joe's Fiber muffin

Peaches with cinnamon and Greek yogurt

Gnu bar

cottage cheese on High Fiber crunchy toast and carrots, jicama and cucumber

I had maybe 5 grapes, I googled the nutritional fact on grapes, wow they are loaded with carbs!!! these were soo good!!

Frozen yogurt

salad for dinner, I had 2 bowls and used Paul Newman's balsamic light thinned out with plain ole balsamic vinegar
I went over my points today by about 6-7 I think :(

I need to be below my points the next two days to make sure I lose this week, er I think??!! I am back on the treadmill every morning, feels good :)

what the heck do I know???

Lots of time with family

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. I had just google jicama right before I came to your blog!
    Wow - what are the odds!?
    Take car of your slender self!

  2. You look hot! And your pooch looks just as cute :)

  3. Hey Karla! Thanks for stopping by my blog! To answer your question, I use these weights and have them in different sizes.
    I started with little ones. It felt wimpy at first, but even working a pound really changes the dynamic of a walk! I gradually built up to the 5 pounders, but last night I was struggling with the 3s. It varies by how much gusto I walk with. ;)
    I LOVE the difference you see in your before and after pics! I hope my face keeps heading the thinny direction yours has gone! I'm also ready to see my collarbone. I'm sure it's hiding in there somewhere... Keep up the great work!!!

  4. Those pictures are a testament to your amazing efforts. You look smokin..

  5. Wow, you look fabulous! What a difference, how awesome is that??


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