Monday, October 11, 2010

Post # 298

I had an 5 egg white's and Laughing Cow light on an 80 calorie La Tortilla brand tortilla with salsa for breakfast

a Trader Joe's muffin
Gnu bar

peach with cinnamon and Greek Yogurt


egg whites on crunchy high fiber Bimbo brand toast with Grey Poupon mustard

I dug in my freezer and found these Jamba Juice Yogurt Sorbet bar, they have been in the freezer a while but still good

Jolly time!!! One point heaven :)

and the HUGE salad for dinner, I used a serving of Low fat cottage cheese with a serving of Newman's Light Balsamic dressing and some straight balsamic vinegar

I came in under one point!!!!! SCORE!!!

I go back to work on Wednesday, I am ready, I need the routine of my work

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Yum! Delicious looking food! Don't you love how Jolly Time is only 1 point? :)

  2. Even the LC peeps get so have some popcorn.
    Is it the Universal Antidote?

  3. I just finally found the flavored laughing cow cheese - I think the blue cheese and chipotle ones are my favorite.

    All your eats look delicious! :D

  4. This week I am going to be on the hunt for that popcorn and those jamba bars..mmmm

  5. You always have such a good menu. Yum-o!


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