Friday, October 15, 2010

Post # 302

The mini bar was from last night

make that +10 so far ..... until today :(

Breakfast was an egg white burrito

Trader Joe's muffin

cucumber and tomato with cottage cheese and crushed red pepper

My friend brought me this cake..... evil evil evil friend

I ate ALL the raspberries and almost all of the strawberries and I of course ran the berries through the frosting, what the heck was I thinking!!!!!

so I ate NOTHING else for the rest of the day,

okay seriously how many points did I have today?

coffee creamer = 2
muffin = 1
egg white burrito = 4
cottage cheese dish = 4
raspberries/strawberries = 2
frosting is 3 points for 2 tablespoons... so maybe = 12

total for day = 25
total weekly points used = 14

not as bad as I thought, but still What the heck???

see ya tomorrow.... less (??) of me that is


  1. Bet the scale still goes down :) Good job i wasn't there i would have finished the muffin for you!

  2. haha what a beautiful cake - your friend is very evil!

  3. Happy Birthday!! That cake looks so delish! ;)


  4. Spankings all around.
    51 of them!
    And one or two for your cake-toting friend!

  5. I saw Mr. Evil go upstairs with the cake box....I tried to stop him, but he disappeared before I could activate the trip wire. :P

  6. aww what a great friend that bday cake looks delicious!


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