Saturday, October 16, 2010

Post # 303

I had a good day, I only ate 18 points (I am allowed 21)

egg white burrito with Laughing Cow lights and salsa on an 80 calorie wheat tortilla

I took a sandwich and a muffin

I had left WW vegetable soup at work (with tofu) so I ate that today, I was almost done with it when I realized.... yikes need a picture

I had to drive around all afternoon, I went to 13 grocery stores!!! sheesh!!! grabbed these Bars at a Vons, 100 calories, 3 grams of fat and 5 fiber and 6 protein, and only 3 grams of carbs (Anne!!!) SCORE!!! only one point of WW and has 6 protein!!

I had a frozen yogurt, I was chatting with my girlfriend so I couldn't take a picture, here is my yogurt card, buy 6 get one free.... Such a deal!!!

I hit the grocery store after work, that makes 16 grocery stores I was in today (I stopped before work to buy protein shakes... which I didn't drink) my store and the store tonight!!! can you tell I am a grocery gal!!!

any hoo haa I am making roasted vegetables for tomorrow, they are in the oven right now

yellow summer squash
red onion
red, yellow and orange peppers (Costco)

in a ziploc with olive oil and balsamic vinegar .... bake 350 for an hour or more .... VIOLA.... scrumptious!!! I also need to go boil some eggs

no wonder I was over weight, I love food!!! talking about it, planning it, taking pictures, I work around food every day

food food food food food food food food food .... ok I need maybe a alcoholic beverage, just kidding

good night

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. HeeHee - you've got an eye for watching the carbs, Karla!
    Those veggies in a bag look good enough to eat!

  2. Hey anytime you want to come here and cut up a pile of veggies feel free :)

  3. I can't read the name of who makes that bar. I see the word RIGHT but who makes it?


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