Sunday, October 24, 2010

Post # 312

so the day started out good, but now my stomach hurts!!!

egg white sandwich

Vons 100 calorie bar

egg white sandwich, vegetables with Laughing Cow light and light balsamic vinegarette

Jack is looking for something to drop on the floor!!! don't worry he got a treat
Pot luck at work.... killer cupcakes.... so freaking good!!! need I say more???

I only ate one, I ate it about noon ... my stomach hurt for a few hours after!!!

I stopped at the old Frozen yogurt place, YUCK!!! but I ate it, what a dope!!!

My stomach hurts, all over again

sheesh, will I never learn ??? I didn't kill the points today though, I counted the cupcake as 7 points, that's why I went to the old yogurt place, better portion control, but yuck.... how did I eat their fro yo everyday?? it had no taste!!!

tomorrow IS another day!!!

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Sorry your tummy hurts... :(
    Lesson learned, I suppose, boy I sure get a tons of those!
    I love the look on Jack's face - such intensity. :)
    Don't beat yourself up girl... you're right, tomorrow IS another day!! :)


  2. You will be heading into New Year's much more than 50 lbs lighter, Karla ... certainly nothing to beat yourself up over!! Chalk it up to lesson learned and keep going.

    You have a put named Jack? I have Lucy! hahaha She owns US, but gets that same look where food may be concerned.

    When do we get the next update photo (40s)?

    I'm 26 lbs from my next one, figure near year-end or so. No YEAR end, not rear end ...


    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Jack is adorable!! Hope your tum tums better soon.

  4. Cute puppy -
    And tasteless fro yo?
    Good insight on something today.
    You sound ready for something major!

  5. No one is perfect all the time. Hope you start feeling better


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