Friday, October 29, 2010

Post # 315

Chicken chili, salad, we had a picnic at Starbucks , oatmeal for breakfast, I also had a Fred Meyer Greek yogurt and carrots

I went CRAZY shopping!!! My hubs is going to freak out!!! How do I sneak back into the house with an 15 new articles of clothes!!! and I still have 3 days to go!!!

Visited with my nephew and his family yesterday, so fun the boys are getting so big!!! We also did a tour of the art college my sister works at yesterday (my sister did the tour)

It is cold here and I learned Uggs are not good Oregon shoes, they get wet and I walk around all day with cold damp feet!!! Typical Californian I guess... LOL

We are going to a cake decorating store today and meet my niece for lunch at Two Brothers, it's a Croation food restaurant. I ate there last time I came to Portland and soo much wanted to go again :)

I am having a blast :)

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  1. Getting healthy & having fun - what could be better? Perhaps some of that Croation food, perhaps.


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