Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post #344

I ate too many points today by only 2-3 (old system)

egg white sandwich


bimbo toast with cottage cheese

roasted vegetables with Laughing Cow

Jack was watching me eat too much!!! LOL maybe he needs to count his points also!!!


Gnu bar

frozen yogurt as usual, I did my speech, I think I did good!!

so what abouth this new WW program? I don't know if I am going to switch, if it works and has for this long, why change it???

I am going to a meeting on Thursday, to even see if I can join, since I am a normal weight, we will see

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Monday, November 29, 2010

Post # 343

I woke up this morning with a stomach ache, I ate too many vegetables yesterday... man the scale is not going to be nice to me this week!! well I deserve it's wrath!!

breakfast was oatmeal with protein and sweetner and some cinnamon (I took it to work, I was soooo not wanting to eat this morning)

no picture, but I had a Vitatop

I took to work blueberries with cinnamon and Greek yogurt, egg white sandwich with Grey Poupon mustard

roasted vegetables with 2 wedges of Laughing Cow.... and more roasted vegetables and more and more and more.... LOL

Frozen yogurt for dinner

so what am I going to do about this new Weight Watcher plan?? Do I rejoin? can I rejoin? I am in a "normal" range now.. Do I go into a WW center and just buy the books? will they let me do that? hummm whats a WW gal to do??

I know!!!! Worry about it tomorrow.. LOL

see ya tomorrow... less (??) of me that is

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post # 342

I was off today and needed to write my speech.... so far I got nothin!!!

so after I blog, I need to write the speech

breakfast was an egg white omelet with onion, mushrooms, spinach and veggie sausage with fruit

Vitatops, 2

Today was the movies with DS and I ate a little of the popcorn, not a crazy amount, just enough to upset my stomach

roasted vegetables, I will be eating these for the next few days!!! LOL

NOW, I have to write a persuasive speech..... I just want to curve in front of the TV and watch mindless dribble, it is cold out so comfy and mindless sounds fabulous!!! oh well, speech first :)

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post # 341

egg white sandwich for breakfast

vitatops (two)

Greek yogurt with cinnamon and blueberries

we had some left over munchies from Thanksgiving, I ate a few pieces of turkey and ham with mustard and carrots with the hummus

frozen yogurt

I chopped up vegetables for the next few days, the hubs clowning around LOL

My vegetables are roasting in the oven. I feel sooo much better when I eat healthy!!

I did most all of my Christmas shopping online today, then the DD says lets go to Nordstroms and look before you buy!!! Huh?? what??!!

oh well, I see returning in my future!!! LOL

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Letting Go

I found Sam today and her idea of letting go

so what am I going to let go of today? I am going to let go of this EVERY day

there are people in my life that make me crazy!!! I am going to only focus on their good qualities, I am going to address their mistakes and handle them appropriately BUT I am going to focus on their good qualities and I am going to let go of the negativity I consume myself with. They are individual's, they are not like me, they can't be they are beautifully unique, they have many good qualities. Focus on the good, address the mistakes but be kind and don't be consummed by their mistakes.
Let go of the negativity

let go of the negativity

Be kind, be kind, be kind, be kind

my new mantra ....

I will let you know how it goes

(I just re read this, man do I sound pretentious!!! but I am not going to delete this post, I am going to let go!!! ............. thank you Sam..... er.... I think!!!)

Post # 340

I had a plan, and I executeded the plan, breakfast egg white sandwich. I was feeling kind of uncomfortable from the pie hangover but I weighed myself and the damage wasn't too gawd aweful, details next Thursday as usual

off to work...

work food: green beans with the creamed onions (minus as much of the white sauce as I could scrap off) a yogurt with bran muffin crumbled in and some honey. I also made my newest cottage cheese dip with the Aisian chili paste... oops nothing to dip in!! cupboards are just full of Thanksgiving leftovers... never mind

I work in a grocery store!!

boss was uber cool and let us go at noon .. (doesn't happen very often... yeah boss!!!) I took my work food home and ate it at home I stopped for my usual frozen yogurt

so I was feeling munchie so one egg white on the Bimbo high fiber bread with Grey Poupon mustard and an egg white

I went out shopping to fill my house with healthy stuff!!! apples, asparagus, red peppers, squash, cucumbers

blueberries, cottage cheese

yogurt and diet soda, eggs (no Bud light for me!!!) notice all the leftovers!!

so I can STAY AWAY from that danged pie!!!

Jack supports my decision


I had to super stuff the house to be prepared in the event the leftovers (as seen covered in tin foil in the refrigerators) start calling my name.... oopps sorry I can't hear you!!! I can always take them up to my MIL's and stuff her refrigerator if I can't resist, but I don't think I will have a problem, I can be pretty focused when I put my mind to it!! One day to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday is okay, I remember reading a blogger that said it is a holiDAY not a holi-week or a holi-month so back to the plan and the quest to get to 125!!! I am off to visit your blogs and be social :)

later guys ....

Friday, November 26, 2010

The day after

I am all toasty in bed and bam, I realize I didnt blog, so tomorrow I will add pictures.
Back on program today, no pie leftovers, lol
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Too much food

no food pictures today!!! I gave myself a day off!! I will HATE myself next week, but it is only one day!! All my plans to be 100% within my points failed miserably... I actually feel kind of sick but I had a wonderful time with family

see ya tomorrow.... more of me that is

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post # 339

So today was total crazy zone!!
gravy is on aisle 7, mashed potatoes on 3, canned broth is on 2, raisins are in the produce department under the table, foil gravy is on aisle # 7, cherries on 8, oven bags 13, cranberry jelly is on 4, pumpkin on 4, no, sorry no more basters, water chestnuts on 7, yes Chardonnay is a white whine, yes white zin is a white wine, no I have never cooked turkey in wine, no the brown and serves are not raw they are pre baked you have to brown them, if the sign says 2/$5.00 that means one is $2.50, green olives are on #7, oh excuse me, pardon me, excuse me, no you cannot order 100 cases of vanilla cake mix

ahh almost over one more day :)

Oatmeal with protein and cinnamon and sweetener

apple with cinnamon and Greek yogurt, egg white sandwich, Gnu bar, veggies and dip (I made it with cottage cheese and Asian chili paste)


we had a Thanksgiving buffet today!!! wowy zowy soo much food, I had 2 bites of a cinnamon rice thing and a slice of turkey and a slice of ham off a sandwich... that's it

frozen yogurt for dinner

I love me my blogger buds :)

night all

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is

Post # 338

Quick quick

I have to shower for work

this is yesterday

school was last night

later taters :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Post # 337

egg white sandwich


apple with Greek yogurt, vegetable with hot chili paste sauce as dip, TJ's egg white salad with high fiber toast, popcorn

frozen yogurt

store is so so so busy, filling, filling, filling!!! running running running!!!

"where is this?"

" What aisle is that?"

"do you have any more of this?"

"do you know what ___ is? and the ingredients?"

"what temp do you cook ___ at? for how long?"

"wow you are busy!!!"

"can you reach this?"

"what spice do you use for ____?"

gad zooks!!! come on Friday!!! :)

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Post # 336

It is 7:30 at night, I have been home only 1 hour... my feet hurt, I am exhausted. I took a bath tonight and my legs look like someone has been beating me up!! This week of the year for the grocery business is a madhouse!!! I am going to post and go get 9 hours of sleep, I will need it to get through the next week... waaaa waaaa waaa gee's I hate when I whine, sheesh Karla put your big girl pants oh for crying out loud!!!

ok ok enough grub was as follows: egg white sandwich complete with the overdose of black pepper and chili flakes

I got to work and all I could think about was food!!! food!!! food!!! so I chugged a protein drink, when I get like that I know I need protein (thank you Anne... reading a low carb blogger every day helps!!!)

work food was: California vegan, TJ's egg white salad with high fiber toast, muffin and popcorn and vegetables... for the vegetables I took Asian chili paste and used it for dip.... wooo hoo!!! uber spicy.. I loved it though!

dinner was a frozen yogurt. I had 3 liters of water, vitamins and my usual 20 minutes on the treadmill

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is (and rested!!! LOL)

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