Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween success

One food holiday down two to go

Score one for the home team!!!

Kind of strange this year, I did not want candy, it had no appeal to me NONE!!

Of course the shopping has helped.... so I am sure my daughter and my hubs don't read my blog so here goes with the Oregon booty haul

2 new pair of shoes... I have discovered Dansko Clogs! OMG I feel an obsession coming on.... LOL

5 jackets.... shopping tip...Coldwater Creek $129 jackets go on sale for $35! OMG!
I learned they have sales every quarter and then you get an additional 25% off which made the jacket only $29..... SCORE!!! I also learned that they return their things to their warehouse and you can buy their things online for pittance

3 blouses, also Coldwater Creek on the sale rack $80 blouse I got for $29... so so beautiful

A tunic, I think I may actually wear this with leggings I bought over the summer. I worry that leggings are not age appropriate, having a 21 year old daughter makes me obsess over the age appropriate issue

yoga pants, if you don't have yoga pants, run out and buy some, they are comfortable comfortable comfortable

so there is my Oregon shopping spree confessional. I am flying home this afternoon. I love to visit Portland. Family time and sister time is wonderful, I am selfish though and I don't want to share Portland with my family, they wanted to come and I said "NO" ..... My time

later gators


  1. I live in yoga pants and Danskin bootcut pants and a couple pairs of skinny Old Navy jeggings. I'm big on comfort, and once I discovered Danskin and yoga pants, it's really hard to ever go back to normal pants. My butt is so happy in those. :D

  2. My Mom is always asking me if her clothes look too young for her- lol. I say wear what you like and don't worry about being "age appropriate." There is no such thing!

  3. Hehe, wear what you want and what you feel comfortable in. :)


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