Saturday, November 6, 2010

Karla Facts

  • I am feeling chatty this early early morning so here is all the interesting/boring/silly/dumb facts about the fantabouls Miss Karla's life

  • I have lived in 15 different countries (thanks sis for this awareness)
  • My Mom's nick name for me was Wheezer... My middle name is Louise
  • I am kind of a slob, but hide it well in closets and drawers which makes my family NUTS!! (and I am sure my co workers)
  • Cars are not my thing, again the slob thing, once a friend took my car to get washed for me and it was sooo dirty the guy asked her if it had been in storage!!! OMG!!!
  • I am kind of a dork, I love silly Christmas sweaters
  • I had fake acrylic nails for over 20 years!!! I am now enjoying the natural look
  • I love to make things, I am not that good at it granted, but it makes me happy to make bad stuff!!! LOL ...
  • Last year I painted Christmas ornaments (again the not so great fun stuff to make!!)
  • I have been known to make afghans, but I would get tired of knitting or all the crocheting after a time and would give them away.... too short
  • When I was super duper big, I cut out the tags in my jeans because when I would go to the bathroom and see the size tag it bummed me out, perfect solution, right???? ahhh NO!!!
  • I was a diet pill junkie for soooo many years... no pills for me any more!! I got diagnosed with high blood pressure a few years ago and I didn't want to die from taking diet pills with high blood pressure so I got BIG again
  • I need to watch the alcohol, actually stay the freak away from it.... lots of alcohol related issues in my family
  • I have a bad habit of repeating myself... so often my internal dialog is ... "Karla, shut up!!!! you already told them that!!!"
  • I am not very politically correct, the brain mouth connection is getting better, but it still isn't 100% working all the time
  • I love to read, but my vision SUCKS!!! I need to find a new eye doctor, he hasn't given me a good prescription in over 3 years and when I read I need my glasses PLUS a pair of magnifying readers, I look like a dork reading with 2 pairs of glasses on
  • I am a great starter but have been known not to follow through, that's why I didn't tell ANYONE but the blog world about following Weight Watchers for the longest time, I didn't want to hear everyone say.... AGAIN???!!!
  • I wear a size 9 shoe
  • I used to have a Harley, but sold it because I was scared to go on the freeway and when you ride a motorcycle and are afraid, well that can spell ACCIDENT!!! and motorcycles and freeway and accident I do not want those three words in the same sentence along with my name!!
  • We have an RV, I love it and hate it... love to use it .... hate to pay for it :P
  • I was a loner in high school... ok ok I hated high school!!
  • I had an opportunity to have my college 100% paid for and I didn't go, I look back and think... Man way I a dumb ass or what!!!
  • I am kind of a hair snob, salon cuts, salon dye, salon highlights, salon shampoo and conditioner... this is from soo many years of garage perms and hair cuts... I will find an old picture and post it.... you will pee yourself laughing when you see how horrible my hair was!!!
  • I have a son, Bob and he is 25
  • My daughter, Erin is 21
  • Husband, Scott was my JR high school sweetheart we have been together (mostly) since we were 15
  • I am a HUGE family person, hardly any close friends I am a family gal!!
  • I love stupid B movies. I always want to go see the dumb ones
  • I am HORRIBLE with dates, my kids tease me all the time, I to this day get confused about my kids birthdays and my wedding anniversary
  • I spend too much money
  • I have too much pride, it gets me in trouble sometimes
  • I am a bit of an enabler ..... hanging head in shame
  • I don't feel ok until every possible nook and cranny of my kitchen is stuffed with food... like its a weird obsession
  • I have 2 refrigerators and a stand up freezer, all are full!!! ...
  • We have always had 2 refrigerators, even when we were uber poor, one is the "beer" refrigerator (see alcohol note above)
  • I am so naturally hiper I freak so many people out
  • People tend to be "afraid of me" ??? so stupid...
  • I am maybe too intense
  • I am VERY anal.... my bookkeeper must hate me... (love ya Claudia ... if you ever read... which I don't think you do)
  • I don't like whiny people, I tend to be whiny BUT I need to be around none whiny people so they keep me out of this bad behavior
  • I believe in God, heaven and Jesus... don't really understand it all, and I don't go to church, but I believe and I worry sometimes maybe I won't get into heaven because I am not good enough
  • I don't give a crap about the news and politics, I fake like I do, so I won't look ignorant or dumb or uneducated, but the truth is I really don't care.... gee's maybe I am being too honest!!!
  • I recycle, really my sister is the reason for this, she is sooo amazing that I was kind of shamed into doing it, my shaming myself not her shaming me
  • I miss my Mom, she passed away a few years ago... I have tears in my eyes right now just thinking about her
  • I wish I had a more "normal" childhood... it was kind of wacky
  • I am true blue, I am not a cheater and I can't stand unethical people, maybe this explains why I am so hard on myself and intense and I tend to scare some people
  • I cut my finger off when I was in my 20's in a Wendy's Frosty machine .... the tip of my right index finger ... so many people asked me when I did it if it was going to grow back, OMG ... people can be so DUMB!!! I am a person not a reptile!!
  • I was a horrible driver, according to my kids, I still am.... I caused like 20 fender benders, I used to rear end people ALL the time
  • I used to coupon shop like a crazy women, it was a joke in our family, it was common for there to be like 25 boxes of cereal in our home, and I never paid more than .50 for any of them, usually I got them free, no wonder I was a big gal
  • I always wanted to be a nurse
  • I wish I had a more skilled trade, something I had to go to school for YEARS to learn.... ah in another life maybe
  • I wanted to be a movie star when I was little
  • I don't like people that don't bathe, smelly folks bother me and I don't understand them... I always want to scream... "YOU STINK!!!" but instead I smile and be nice
  • I am a farter and a belcher, no shame... yep that's me
  • I wish I could travel more, I want to travel... that would be my one biggest wish/regret... dream.... whatever you get me
  • I am kind of a follower, some people see me as a leader but this is so not me... I am a sheep.... hanging head in shame .... again
  • I love the beach, mountains, rivers... anywhere in nature...
  • I wish I was more open and friendly, but I am always thinking in my head..."they, you don't like me" .... whats that about???
  • I am not age appropriate, I am kind a stupid throw back valley girl.... (think the movie Clueless) Gawd that's so awful
  • I make a kick ass Thanksgiving stuffing (thanks Mom, her recipe)
  • I used to think it was my mission in life not to be cheated out of ANYTHING!!! I am realizing now that is kind of A-hole behavior and I try VERY hard not to react like this when I feel I have been cheated
  • I secretly am in love with Ben Affleck, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg
  • I am a prude
  • I love Starbucks pumpkin scones because they remind me of my Moms Cry baby cookies she used to make when I was a kid
  • I want to be thought of as hip and trendy, sheesh how silly is that!!! but when you love silly Christmas sweaters, hip and trendy are kind of a contradiction
  • I love earrings
  • I wish I was more hip and lived a Portland hippy lifestyle here
  • I love to be all toasty and comfortable and lay in bed and read with my pug, Jack
  • I love to read Paranormal romance novels (my latest thing)
  • I wish I was more thoughtful, I AM thoughtful BUT I don't always do what I am thinking about, I am always afraid people will think of me a hokey and so I don't always act on my thoughts then I feel bad because I am not thoughtful enough, sheesh re reading this post I am a freaking mess!!!! LOL not really just this is me!!!
  • I love designer purses, again the snob in me, maybe too many years of the dirt poor life
  • When my kids were little we were broke, broke, broke... but we had a nice little house, everything worked, power was never shut off, bills were paid, but for the life of me now looking back I have NO IDEA how we did it!!!
  • I don't like Los Angeles traffic
  • I love the THOUGHT of doing stuff, when it comes to actually going, I usually fizz out ..... example... me saying "oh, lets go to the fashion district next week".... me the day before "oh I don't feel like it I am tired" .....
  • I love to see celebrities, living where I do, I see them from time to time
  • I forget soooo much stuff, drives people crazy, I actually worry sometimes I may be losing my marbles, but then I realize how freaking many marbles I have am I am grateful that I remember all the stuff I do
  • I have a hard time making up my mind, but boy when I do... that's it... usually LOL
  • I am afraid this post makes me a nacasist

Ok I am tired of this

tootles folks picture posts later


  1. Wow Karla... that was an amazing read! I laughed and enjoyed it - it was cool to learn how much I do have in common with you! Just a few are: I also love to read, wear size 9 shoe, was a loner in HS, met my hubby at 15 & we were HS sweethearts, have 2 fridges, am way to intense, can't stand whiners, am true blue & devoted, can't stand bad smells, and I am so not age appropriate!

    It's too bad we didn't meet up when you were up here. It would have been fun to meet you. I love how you are so open in sharing all this about yourself. You go girl!!! :)


  2. YOU CRACK ME UP!!! And I love ya with all my heart.
    PS thanks for goin' shopping with me today via the ol' text message function on our phones.

  3. OK I read the whole post and as I was reading it I thought OMG we are so much alike. WE HAVE TO MEET. We are going to Disneyland this next summer maybe we can meet up when I go out there. When it closer I will get your digits so I can throw you a text, OK? I love that I feel like I know you

  4. Me too - in March!
    We'll do FroYo !!
    I'm sure you know all the good places!
    Good getting to know ya a wee bit better.


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