Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post # 318

You are going to have to trust me on yesterday

I have things to do and no patience for the lengthy picture blogging upload process

so this morning an egg white sandwich on an Oroweat bagel thin (I added red pepper flakes to it... like em spicy!!)

work food: Egg white sandwich with Grey Poupon mustard and crunchy high fiber toast

apple with cinnamon and Greek yogurt, carrots with a cucumber and California Vegan tofu and brown rice, now here's the thing.... the package says that the California Vegan is one serving... 198 calories... is that possible??? man oh man is it good!!! so I will eat it once in a while but I am not sure the package is right

frozen yogurt for dinner

I did my treadmill this morning, first time in a week!!! felt so good! tomorrow I have to get new work pants, I can pick them up at Costco for only $15, do I dare even try a size 6??? I am wearing a 10 and they are HUGE!!!

tune in tomorrow and we will see!!!

see ya tomorrow ..... less of me that is

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  1. I think sometimes the packages are wrong....
    Once I worked in food service.
    And the cooks never followed a recipe.
    They added sugar, and extra butter, and salt,
    and whiskey, and all kinds of things.
    How else could they get the food to taste so good?
    Otherwise it would tast just like the stuff we make at home.


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