Sunday, November 7, 2010

Post # 322

Hi guys!!!

busy busy busy day!!! Man do people love to grocery shop the first Sunday of the month!!! WOW!!! (I am a store manager of a grocery store in case ya didn't know)

breakfast was cottage cheese on an Oroweat thin

work food: apples and cinnamon with Greek yogurt, Trader Joe's egg white salad on high fiber crunchy toast, muffin, cucumber and carrots and a protein drink

I swear I wolfed down my food at work today!!!

when I got home the hubs had made oven roasted vegetable's... yummo!!!

and sugar free fudgsicles for desert (3)

I tried to drink more water than usual today, I always have 2 liters but today I had 3 liters of water PLUS a Vente iced coffee from Starbucks AND my usual morning 3 cups of coffee... too much

well... let me try the three liters of water for a week, if there is a noticeable change in my weight loss... then I will reevaluate the whole water experiment

losing weight tidbit... I need to shut my yap!!! my clothes are big on me, it's weird when I started losing, it felt like it took forever for me to get into a smaller size, now it's the opposite!! People don't want to hear me say that my clothes are too big, it annoys them!!
I am excited to be in a smaller size, yet annoyed because I have to go buy smaller work clothes. People don't really give a dang about it, so I need to shut my yap!!! Some people would like to smack me because of it!!! I see the haters!!! I hope I am never like that again, I say again because I was a hater. I knew I was a hater. I was so consumed by jealousy that whomever they were, they could do that "weight loss thing" and I had repeatedly failed.

Pure jealousy, life is too short... thank you Ann for your post today, gave me renewed insight into living today and enjoying my life!!!

see you tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Hi Karla,
    Oh my gosh... I know what you mean about needing to shut my yap. Even when my friend/coach had lost 100 pounds (before I started), she went off on how she still feels like this heavy person and doesn't recognize her face in the mirror. I tried to be understanding but inside I'm like "who cares, you lost all that weight! What could you possibly complain about?" It was jealousy! Now, I have very few clothes and the same freaking out over who I am now... but who really cares? I've lost a bunch of weight and SO many people are trying to do just that. Yes, I need to be more understanding!

    Oh, I've got to try those roasted veggies... they look so good.

    Thanks for your comment on my post today. Your words were comforting and kind and I really appreciated reading them. I also love your tag line "less of me that is"... such a classic! Have a great week Karla!!

    God Bless

  2. Awesome Karla - I am sooo glad for your changes -
    Physical, weight-loss, and cognitive .... life IS too short to stay living it as a hater!

  3. This was a great post, Karla! I was never a hater, but I always had the urge to ask the person to clue me in, because I wanted those results too! (Never asked though, for fear of being rude.) LOL

    You have really transformed, Karla, and in the best way!

    Oh, I've tagged you, check out Monday's post.

    Stay amazing! xx

  4. Believe it or not it is totaly ok to say my clothes are too big! Fortunatly, I have an amazing gal that keeps me supplied with smaller sizes ;)


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