Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post # 339

So today was total crazy zone!!
gravy is on aisle 7, mashed potatoes on 3, canned broth is on 2, raisins are in the produce department under the table, foil gravy is on aisle # 7, cherries on 8, oven bags 13, cranberry jelly is on 4, pumpkin on 4, no, sorry no more basters, water chestnuts on 7, yes Chardonnay is a white whine, yes white zin is a white wine, no I have never cooked turkey in wine, no the brown and serves are not raw they are pre baked you have to brown them, if the sign says 2/$5.00 that means one is $2.50, green olives are on #7, oh excuse me, pardon me, excuse me, no you cannot order 100 cases of vanilla cake mix

ahh almost over one more day :)

Oatmeal with protein and cinnamon and sweetener

apple with cinnamon and Greek yogurt, egg white sandwich, Gnu bar, veggies and dip (I made it with cottage cheese and Asian chili paste)


we had a Thanksgiving buffet today!!! wowy zowy soo much food, I had 2 bites of a cinnamon rice thing and a slice of turkey and a slice of ham off a sandwich... that's it

frozen yogurt for dinner

I love me my blogger buds :)

night all

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is


  1. 100 cases? Sounds like fun!
    I had FroYo and thought of you today!
    Happy Turkey Day!
    Busy times, eh?

  2. No more basters? Hmmm...


  3. What is that first picture, not the most interesting photo of yours !!! Happy Holiday and all the best

  4. You'll be happy to be home :) Happy Thanksgiving


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