Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post # 340

I had a plan, and I executeded the plan, breakfast egg white sandwich. I was feeling kind of uncomfortable from the pie hangover but I weighed myself and the damage wasn't too gawd aweful, details next Thursday as usual

off to work...

work food: green beans with the creamed onions (minus as much of the white sauce as I could scrap off) a yogurt with bran muffin crumbled in and some honey. I also made my newest cottage cheese dip with the Aisian chili paste... oops nothing to dip in!! cupboards are just full of Thanksgiving leftovers... never mind

I work in a grocery store!!

boss was uber cool and let us go at noon .. (doesn't happen very often... yeah boss!!!) I took my work food home and ate it at home I stopped for my usual frozen yogurt

so I was feeling munchie so one egg white on the Bimbo high fiber bread with Grey Poupon mustard and an egg white

I went out shopping to fill my house with healthy stuff!!! apples, asparagus, red peppers, squash, cucumbers

blueberries, cottage cheese

yogurt and diet soda, eggs (no Bud light for me!!!) notice all the leftovers!!

so I can STAY AWAY from that danged pie!!!

Jack supports my decision


I had to super stuff the house to be prepared in the event the leftovers (as seen covered in tin foil in the refrigerators) start calling my name.... oopps sorry I can't hear you!!! I can always take them up to my MIL's and stuff her refrigerator if I can't resist, but I don't think I will have a problem, I can be pretty focused when I put my mind to it!! One day to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday is okay, I remember reading a blogger that said it is a holiDAY not a holi-week or a holi-month so back to the plan and the quest to get to 125!!! I am off to visit your blogs and be social :)

later guys ....


  1. Hi there, Social Butterfly!
    Yep - those leftovers - sneaky things that they are...
    Forget about them like a bad boyfriend, right?


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