Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tag you're it!!

I have been tagged by Ann

1. How often do you go to the grocery store (which one/ones)?

Really??!! Girl are you trying to get me fired??!! ok ok ok here goes nothing

5 days a week I report to work at Food 4 Less
I shop at Trader Joe's at least twice a week ... love love love
I shop at Costco 4-5 times a month
Ralphs at least once a month
Vons by my house for the quicky stuff, and yogurt and tortillas
Whole Foods if I need GNU bars
Follow Your Heart a few times a month for the California Vegan or if I want shiratake noodles

I do not live near a Food 4 Less

2. What is your favorite activity, and why?
sleeping... LOL ... just kidding
Treadmill because I want to exercise but at heart I am damn lazy!! and don't want to sweat

3. So far, what has been your favorite reaction, when someone notices your weight loss?

I love it when they haven't seen me in soooo long and they aren't sure of how to say it... it usually just comes out as a compliment to ME and does not really focus on my weight loss success

4. Within 5 hours from your house, what is your favorite destination, why, and when did you last go there?

The beach, oh man it's been too long... 6 months maybe since I was there!!
why? I am a Southern California girl to my roots, I love the sand, smell, waves, I love to see the dolphins... it is so peaceful sitting on the beach watching the waves, so so so relaxing

I will tag the 4 people in another post and assign them questions... this was fun, I am already thinking up questions :)

thanks Ann :)

tootles gotta do get on the treadmill

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  1. That was fun to read, Karla!

    Say, isn't this the perfect time of year to walk on the beach ... without sweating?


    We don't have a Trader Joe's near us, but I envy anyone who lives close enough to shop at one!!


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