Thursday, December 16, 2010

4AM ramblings

so what makes a normal gal wake up at 3AM?? heck if I know....
so I grab my phone at 3AM, check my email, facebook and blog. I am obsessive about this, huh? what am I flippin this big time whirlie social life type person, ah ..NO!! WTH?? sheesh I have no clue why I do the silly things I do sometimes

so I of course open my 12 days of Christmas package from Bonnie :P

Socks!!! for the uber soft, silky Aloe softness. Thank you Bonnie :)

weigh in... hummmm so I have been peeking at the morning numbers this week (I have to admit) and I have been showing a gain, mainly. Prime rib has 29 grams of fat and 12 grams of Saturated fats, now this is for 8 ounces and I probably did eat 8 ounces or more TOTAL this week. SO I am good with maintaining. I wonder now how I wasn't heavier. Last year at the Christmas luncheon I ate every stinking bite!!! I even ate the cheesecake!!

so I am reflecting (getting up at 3AM will do this!!! LOL) and I was feeling a tad bit unsuccessful, until I started looking at the big picture

Last year at this time I weighed 60 pounds more... ok ok 58, give me a break huh... LOL

AND I have made it through Thanksgiving and have actually lost .8 since Thanksgiving SOOOOO!!!!! This week I have no road blocks.... The Christmas pot luck is Friday 12/24 and Christmas is Saturday so I am going to hit it hard this week and look for the mega loss and strive for a maintain Christmas week

that's the plan.

I love blogging, have I ever mentioned that??? I read tons of bloggers; love some, dislike others, feel sorry for some, read some to keep me real, read others so I never go to where they are in their lives. I may not have thee most interesting blog, may be the boring picture log of monotony at times but it works for me!!! and that is why I blog and read blogs, it works for me

makes me accountable
makes me see your struggles and understand mine are nothing in comparison

which makes me

grateful for the life I have
grateful for the progress I have achieved

sometimes I am envious of others, their accomplishments, their station in life, the friendships they write about, their relationships they have with their loved ones

then I read others and realize I have a pretty good life on the whole

and I am grateful again

I love blogging, helps me to see the world and appreciate it more

getting up at 3AM makes ya reflective and Zen like I guess??!!

later tators :o)


  1. great positive post! I try to remember not to compare too,

    I love those socks. bought myself a pair and then decided--
    I'm giving these for christmas..coworkers, a church friend , nieces...everyone..they all email be back after wearing them to say they love them.

  2. I had never read a single blog before a few months ago. Now, I can't imagine NOT reading - or blogging. A whole new world, to say the least. My biggest fear is that I'll run out of things to say - that's what wakes me up at o'dark thirty sometimes. Things that I don't worry about during the day, but night time? Strange things happen!

  3. I love blogging too. I think I would die without my blogs lol. The socks look so comfy.

  4. Blogging has definitely had a big impact on me! For the better :)
    Just when i'm feeling down someone will say or do something to make me smile. Quite often you!!

  5. It's funny, I feel the same way with reading blogs. My heart goes out to some, and I feel encouraged by others, and some I feel envious of yet it seems to always help me feel so blessed and thankful. It's amazing to meet people here in "cyber land" that I would probably never meet otherwise. Very cool. I'm glad to have met you Karla and I really enjoy your blog. :)


  6. We all have so much to be thankful for if we stop and think about it. I feel the same way about blogs. :)


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