Friday, December 17, 2010

I may not be perfect, but I am wonderful

While cruising the blogs this morning, I happened on Lisa, I read her on the regular, she has lost 59 pounds!!! and the title of her post this morning "I may not be perfect, but I am wonderful" intrigued me

got me thinking

Dear god

I just want to say thank you for allowing me to have a wonderful job, it may be stressful, but I am so grateful that you even think I am capable of running this massive store and it certainly is wonderful.

(then I thought a little more...)

And thank you for a wonderful husband, he may not be perfect, errr drives me bonkers at times ...BUT he is certainly wonderful.

(and the wheels kept on turning...)

And thank you for a wonderful daughter, I love her to death, she is my best friend

And thank you for a wonderful son, he can be a grouchy grump, but he also is my bestest bud and I love him like crazy!!

And thank you for my sister, she is amazing!! I don't get to see her as often as I like, And SHE is CERTAINLY WONDERFUL

And thank you for the opportunity to have wonderful family in my life, they have really made my life richer and they are all unique and wonderful

And thank you for 2010!! this has been a year of change for me, a year that I have learned more of what the words, gratitude, patience, persistence and forgiveness mean

And thank you for this wonderful body - which we all know is not perfect, but is strong and more wonderful each and every day.

Thanks for listening -


So in reading Lisa, and so many other bloggers I have been blessed.

I know this all sounds sappy, but this is my blog, my little corner of cyber space and I can be and do and say whatever I want. (ok all that know me well, there is a little flash of the hard as nails version of me you see each and every day!!!)


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