Thursday, December 2, 2010

Internet is down

So the internet is down at home, I have blogged several times already today, but here is my food. I don't know how I feel about the new WW points plus, I am kind of mad that I spent $60 on it today. I tracked both ways and it is 6 of one and a half dozen of the other.... I see little difference. I will track both ways for at least a month, I will give it that. The new calculator is kind of a pain. So you can read between the lines, I am team old WW, I will give new a month... Since I shelled out $60!!

See you tomorrow... Less of me that is
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  1. WW loves to change up their program, charge $, and it not really be changed, just the same thing a slightly different way. BUT - WW is owrking amazing for you! I am so inspired by the low numbers you are seeing on the scale. And, size 4???? Never in my dreams...

  2. you're the first blogger I've seen that has doubts about the new points system - count me in. I find it confusing and liked the old system better - I'm used to it and it was working well for me.

    Wish Weight Watchers would give us a choice of using the old or new system, instead of suddenly pushing the new system.

  3. oh - you mentioned you tracked both ways - how were you able to track using the old points system?

    PS Congrats on how well you're doing!!!


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