Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post # 345

Oatmeal I let it sit for a few minutes and added a scoop of protein and some cinnamon and sweetner

My new veggie dip: cottage cheese with Aisian chili paste and sirachi sauce had it with carrots, red pepper and cucumber

egg white sandwich

apple with cinnamon and Greek yogurt

frozen yogurt

are you ready for this.... I am 99% done Christmas shopping!!!! ahhhh soo cool!! I have to make some cake pops, wrap and buy 3 small work gifts and done! I think this has been my best year yet in holiday prep

I weigh tomorrow, post Thanksgiving day off... humm???

see ya tomorrow.. less of me that is (I hope!!)


  1. Keep our slender fingers crossed!

  2. And i haven't even started getting presents! I think your weigh in will be fine :)

  3. Nice!! I haven't figured out Christmas quite yet. Maybe I will after finals. :)


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