Monday, December 6, 2010

Post # 349

So I am munching on cherry's as I type this

So I had this great food plan today, funny how my plans and how things end up are seldom the same :P

breakfast was protein oatmeal, ok this looks gross, so tomorrow I will have it again and show you how it thickens up and looks good, not like the gruel in this picture

so I made this great food bag for work, cinnamon blueberries with Greek yogurt and California Vegan chow mein and egg white sandwich and oven roasted vegetables, so I am doing the math.... ahhh a little over so I go into my bookkeeper "Hey I made too much food today, would you like my fruit and yogurt OR my California Vegan?"

so she chooses the fruit and yogurt

an hour or so later I open up the Californian Vegan to eat... PPPUUU....


good thing I brought like TONS of the roasted vegetables

so on the way home... frozen yogurt, der ... of course@!!! LOL

hubs had one slice of pizza ... dang dang dang I ate it!! oh well

I baked three cakes tonight, I am going to make cake balls!! I found Bakerella and I fallen in love with these things!! so fun to make

I wrapped presents, I think I went a little toooo crazy this year, oh well

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. I hate when i pack something for work only to find it's gone 'off'!
    I know you've got the water challenge down pat :)

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog, I like your blog, but it makes me hungry. *chugs more water* ha-ha. Wow I see your progress pics, you have done awesome!!!

  3. 1 Slice of Pizza? Not bad. The reason I haven't ordered pizza in, oh man, weeks and weeks, is that I can't stop at ONE. When I can, I'll reconsider. Until no for me.

    Your yogurt reminds me I have yummy DLites chocolate fudge brownie low-cal treat for dessert tonight.

    Congrats on the 140 weigh in. Amazing!


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