Monday, December 13, 2010

Post #356

12 days of Christmas swap started today!!! Day #1 from Bonnie
a beautiful Poinsettia Christmas ornament :)

thank you Bonnie, I love it :)

breakfast was egg whites on an Oroweat thin

work food: blueberries and blackberries with cinnamon and Greek yogurt, Vitatop, carrots and jicama and I made my own California Vegan dish's (California Vegan is expensive and last time I had one it was spoiled.... eeeewwww!!!)

so I made brown rice with a pack of Trader Joe's multigrain pilaf, mixed them together and divided it into 4 portions, added spicy tofu and some asparagus... oh my gosh!!! total delicious!!

I stopped at the old place for a frozen yogurt, because they aren't self serve... BUT... the flavors always taste watered down and kind of metallic, today was no exception :(

back to the other frozen yogurt store

I had spicy fried green beans for dinner, a little bit of margarine, a little bit of olive oil (little and little!!!) some crushed garlic and red pepper flakes, dumped in the left over green beans let them cook for a few minutes and .... dinner!!!

I am going to blog cruise :)

seer ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Beautiful ornament! I would have participated but no go from Canada :(

  2. I put red pepper flakes all over my stuff.... great for green beans!
    Twins again!

  3. Hi Karla! Yes, i read SB and that is why i am vegan. But i also knew i needed to make some drastic changes to try and lose weight. Going vegan has (for me) eliminated my cravings for sweets and excessive food. i feel normal for the first time ever (except during my TOM, nothing cures that!!). i encourage you to read it if you can. i believe in this day and age we can raise & kill animals humanely, people just chose not to. Anyway, sorry for the long comment!

  4. Cute decoration! I can't wait to get my box from my 12 days of Christmas pal today!! Fun.

    Your food looks delish! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, next time you are up here to visit your sister, I'd love to meet ya!! :)



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