Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post #359

tired, full day ... I spent $471 at Costco tonight... Holy smooly!!!

oatmeal with one scoop of protein, cinnamon, sweetener and some berries, wow soo good with the fruit in it!!!

work food: tofu dish (tofu, pilaf, brown rice and asparagus) carrots and cottage cheese with Newman's light balsamic dressing and red pepper flakes, to be added to cold green beans later ... lunch time

frozen yogurt

cherries a few minutes ago

kitchen is dirty, meat that I got at Costco needs to be separated and put in freezer, guess what? I am going to bed and deal with it all in the morning.... 3 AM is to flippin early!!!

oh I have been adding running to my 20 minutes of cardio, walk, run, walk, RUN, walk, RUN, run, run, walk

goal will be to full fledged running for 20 minutes every morning, if it takes me a month or two, whatever

ok goodnight

3 liters of water, vitamins, and good night

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Love the new holiday look of your blog! And thanks so much for the "12 Days of Christmas" gifts. You have so lifted my spirits during this, one of my most life changing holiday seasons. You are such a thoughtful person!

  2. om om om very good!
    I think you topped out there are Costco!
    That should win a door prize or something.
    It's easy to do.

  3. Wow- now that's a shopping trip!! :)


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