Monday, December 20, 2010

Post # 363

12 days of Christmas from Bonnie!!! in Mexico it is thought to be bad luck to put your purse on the floor, so this is a purse holder. For restaurant's where there is no chair to hang your purse on you use this hanger so you don't have to put it on the floor. .... Lately I need lots of luck so thank you Bonnie :)

I am in a challenge this week with Suzi, love this girl!!! so the challenge is to write down all your food!!! I did it 100% today...

here is my daily journal, but but but.... I was walking upstairs with my uber yummo oven roasted vegetables and Laughing cow cheese, and I tripped over my own feet, and all my veggies went flying all over the floor..... so cross out the vegetable's and Laughing Cow and add a fro yo

was typical of my entire day!! gloom and doom, bah blech yack!!

so my DD and her BF took me out for frozen yogurt (took the place of the lunch points)

life is not good in Karla land :(

I won't bore you with the details, just keep me and my loved ones in your good thoughts/prayers tonight

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is


  1. Oh my, i hope tomorrow goes a bit smoother :) Way to go on the daily journal!!

  2. What a bummer about your yummy roasted veggies! I'm sorry things are so great right now. I hope life picks up in Karla land real soon. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way! :)


  3. I am so dropsy, constantly dropping everything. Lately, blueberries all over the floor at Walmart and my laptop. How frustrating with the veggies!! I hope everything is ok with you. *HUGS*

  4. As long as you didn't break or sprain anything, it was a win situation. Hope everything else is just a bump in the road as well. I think that lunar eclipse last night put a sadness curse on everyone this morning - I seem to be reading a lot of those (including mine). Stupid eclipse!

  5. Hope everything works out soon. Sending good thoughts and wishes to you and your family!!!


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