Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Post # 364

12 days of Christmas :) thank you Bonnie :0)
earrings!!! I wore them to work today

I have all this food in the refrigerator and it is going to expire about the same time.. LOL

I did good on the writing everything down challenge of Suzie's
something is bothering me, well a few somethings BUT I am going to tell ya about only one something, Today I wore my skinny jeans. I felt all relaxed and comfortable, but lets have a "be nice lesson"

1. if someone has worked REALLY hard that you know to lose weight, counted points, calories, carbs what the heck ever!!! and does cardio religiously every stinking day (almost every day!!) and they have lost .... oh say... ummmm 58 pounds in a year... just be nice, they don't want to hear....
"you need to stop with the dieting!!"
"oh, I have a friend that's an anorexic"

why are people such turds?? My Mom told me if I can't say anything nice, shut my mouth!!! ok ok well I didn't always take her advise, but I am learning to take it more and more every day!! (Mom if you are looking down from Heaven I am giving you kudo's for the wonderful advise I am just now learning to try and follow religiously!!!)

oh whatever :/

Things are better in Karla land, not perfect there is still a long road, if it is chosen.... I hope it is chosen, I pray it will be chosen!! I just know I can't go thru feeling the way I felt the last 3 nights!!! I love my kids, but they have to make their own choices and live their own lives. I wish they were 7 sometimes and I could just lock them in their rooms!!! Life was so simple back then

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. I totally get this post. I hear it all the time that I look too thin or I need to start eating. I tell them WHEN I SAY I WANT TO EAT I WILL or I THINK I LOOK JUST FINE THANK YOU VERY MUCH! That usually shuts them up. I am very loud and they know I don't want to hear another word about my weight. I think they are jealous. I have lost 75 pounds and want to lose 6 more so there! love ya. smile

  2. Man - I think you nailed it!
    At our office party, I put two green beans on my plate and said it was dinner. IF I could eat it all.....
    I get the same junk from people! My best guess is they just don't know what else to say!

  3. People don't know when to quit. Can't they just say you look nice and quit? Nope! They want the last word in and they say something negitive so they don't feel bad about themselves.

    Try this...you do what you need to do and land at the size you are comfortable with. Go wear that amazing new dress(on your day off) while running your errends(if you have to) and smile because you worked very hard for it!

  4. I agree- people need to keep their mouths shut! Some people are so fully of negativitiy and they want to rub it all over everyone else, too!

  5. Some people have no class (& some people are jealous, too.)

    Funny story: I have a friend that has been very supportive of my weight loss journey. She's a kind person and didn't mean to be mean, but recently she said to me: "You're not going to lose any more, are you?

    I laughed and said: "You got to be kidding! We're exactly the same height and I still weigh 24 pounds more than you!"

    I think people just get used to seeing you a certain way, overweight. And they don't always adjust to the new you... :-)

  6. PS you look awesome in your picture

  7. So glad things are getting better in Karlaland! GRRR to the ignorance of those "commenters" at your work. I flip them the bird on your behalf!! :) Hope today is a good day for you!


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