Thursday, December 23, 2010

Post # 366

Thank You Bonnie :) 12 days of Christmas hand lotion and a powder

Suzi, I did not journal the cookie and the Thai vegetables, but I am now... does that count :P

egg white sandwich with salsa

again Jack looking for a hand out this morning

work food: sandwich with peppercini's, berries with cinnamon and Greek yogurt, carrots, cucumber and hummus, some super vinegary cucumber salad, and a GNU bar

a customer brought me cookies!!! aaaahhhhh!!! I ate 2!! then took them to the cashiers

a frozen yogurt

and Thai vegetables for dinner!!

I went over about 7 points today, not that bad!! I lost this week! 1.6!! yipee!! I was hoping to get into the 130's, ahhh I will be soon. I am going to change my titles on January 1st, humm I am not sure to what, but this number system is kind of screwy so well I gotta think about it

I am tired! I have to work one more day, then I get Christmas and the following day off! Yowsa!!

I won't be seeing Black Swan, my daughter said there were some pretty racy scenes and she knew I would be uncomfortable, so I will wait until it comes out on DVD and then rent it, DVD is nice, you can just fast forward through those scenes and move on with the story!

Christmas eve is tomorrow, are you ready for Santa???

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. No problem :)
    Losing weight Christmas week is awesome!!
    You will definitely appreciate your days off.

  2. You scored like a bandit with all this cool stuff!
    and good about the loss, too.
    Black Swan is all the current talk here, too.

  3. Well done on your loss in the week before Christmas! LOVE your pug!!!! Have a great holiday, so glad to read you'll be having some time off!!!!

  4. Excellent news on another week of lost weight... Have a great holiday weekend!

  5. Great job on the weight loss this week!! Yay!

    Also, good job at eating 2 cookies and then giving them away- that's the way to do it! Enjoy them and then get rid of them!


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