Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post #370

I was so tired last night, I was falling asleep on the couch
hence the late morning after post :p

out to breakfast with my son :)

an apple crumb vitatop, now I am a hard core chocolate vitatop lover, but the apple was good!!! I will definitely buy them again (actually the dozen of apple was free... gotta love all the deals floating around cyber world)

oven roasted vegetables with a shake or two of Parmesan

frozen yogurt
Green beans!!! what a shock huh!!! LOL yes there is Parmesan on them!! My MIL asked me last night if I ate green beans every night, and Suzi commented the other day that while eating green beans she thought of me, what can I say?? they are easy, you can eat them cold or hot, cheap..

the Honey Baked ham was the hubbys dinner, I took a picture because I was nibbling on it

I am off to get in the shower, it is pouring rain here in the San Fernando Valley!!

later taters :)


  1. I will admit~ Your Green Beans always look so yummy...are they canned, frozen? Could you share your recipe..TIA!

  2. Vitatops make me way too gassy. smile

  3. I eat a can of green beans almost every night. cold, with a shake of parmesan. Never gets old!

  4. Oh Jen made pickled green beans and they were soooooo good! I must ask her how she made them :)
    Honestly i've never tried a vita top!


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