Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post #371

Breakfast was Bimbo toast with cottage cheese

work food: egg white sandwich, vitatop and I made these single serving dishes with brown rice, TJ mixed pilaf, tofu and asparagus... so good!!

oven roasted vegetables with Parmesan

a frozen yogurt for dinner

tomorrow I have a date with Mr. Scale .... Christmas payment will be required

so today was a tough day... emotional.... things didn't want to go my way. I had to send several emails before I could get signed off on my retail management certificate, the professor didn't want to help me figure it out, he just wanted to enroll me for yet MORE classes!

thank you ............ ah!! ... NO THANK YOU!!!

He finally saw I had taken all the classes, but I had filled out the honorarium wrong, so I did it again. So hopefully there is a nicer email waiting for me in the morning

I have been going to meetings with my son.... they are making me a little crazy... whats that all about??

see ya tomorrow... less of me that is

less of me than yesterday but maybe more of me than last week :p


  1. Is the new WW plan bugging you? good luck sweetie. smile

  2. Cottage cheese on toast looks so good! I can't wait until I have bread back in my plan!! I'll have to visit all your food pics when that happens. Have a great day!!


  3. Hang in there!! I hope life calms down for you VERY soon!! Have a good day!!

  4. Awww sounds like you need a "hug"!!
    Some weeks are like that and you've just finished the busiest time of the year at work!!
    Soon things will be back to routine and you'll be vanishing in front of me :)

  5. heehee you said "bimbo!"
    Hope you got a smile out of that one!
    And *deep breath* for the frustration!


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