Friday, December 31, 2010

Post #373

So today was a good day, busy as crazy... busy busy busy

but good :)

egg white sandwich for breakfast

I ate a Vitatop on the way to work, I also stopped before work (no picture) and bought a latte' at Starbucks $5.10 for a freaking latte' are you serious!!!??? well Starbucks just officially got too rich for my blood!!! no more Starbucks for me, at least no more $5 lattes

Work food: tofu bowl, apple with cinnamon and Greek yogurt (so much better than berries!!) a veggie burger with broccoli and some light balsamic dressing and a veggie plate

I saved the veggie plate for on my way home, so I would be full and not need to frozen yogurt...

I was a bad girl, no just tired girl and didn't do my daily dose of cardio this morning! I will be back on it tomorrow This is how much cardio I did in 2010!! I walked 398 miles and 107 hours!! here is where I just had gotten the treadmill, I think this is why I am in a size 4-6, woo hoo for 20 minutes a day!!!

I hope everyone has a safe New Years eve :) I will be snoozing away!! No big for me

see ya next year.... less of me that is (yes I am a complete dork!!! LOL)


  1. A safe and Happy New Year to you too! I know i'm safe as i'm already home and almost ready for bed :) Oh i'm definitely getting older.
    And 11 days off of work is awesome until you do an 8 hour shift on your feet again!

  2. Yay - Happy New Year, you Wicked Little Blogger!
    Here's to a great year.

  3. Karla, you have me trained like one of Pavlov's dogs, I kid you not! Every time I come here my mouth starts salivating! LOL

  4. Happy new year and best wishes in 2011!


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