Monday, January 31, 2011


so things are kind of out of order today :)

I buy these Veggie burgers, they have 110 calories per, I think it's 2 points on the old plan. I like to add Parmesan and Newman's light balsamic vinegar dressing, it's the lowest calorie dressing I have found that I like

The red chili sauce I add to cottage cheese for a super spicy dip for vegetables

lots of fiber today, almost too much I was feeling super full all day

OH I also had more green beans when I got home and maybe 2 small red potato's..... a hubby that cooks :)

day off tomorrow, time to restock the pantry

see ya tomorrow fellow weight loss/diet journal friends :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011


6 egg whites on an Oroweat bagel thin .... too hot!! I burned the roof of my mouth :(

2 Vitatops!! one in the morning and one tonight

cucumber in balsamic vinegar

turkey sandwich

TJ's egg white salad on high fiber toast

I oven roasted onions, a red pepper, butternut squash, carrots just a few green beans with a mist of olive oil and crushed red pepper and put cottage cheese on it for lunch!!! soooo good!!!

a frozen yogurt for dinner

I am going to go watch season #2 of project runway, life is upsetting at times, sucks to be me tonight :/

see ya tomorrow

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Breakfast was a six egg white burrito, with Laughing Cow on a La Tortilla brand 80 calorie tortilla, salsa and Tapatio sauce

TJ's high fiber muffin for the ride into work

I oven roasted mushrooms, squash and asparagus and misted olive oil on it and crushed red pepper

New thing!! I added a can of tuna to the TJ's egg white salad, I meant to eat it alone, but the tuna was too tuna tasting ... duh!!... so I had it with the Bimbo high fiber toast

Fro Yo for dinner.............. I came home and the men were eating pizza, so I ate 2 crusts and I asked hubby for a little, I actually pulled out a slice to eat but my son was giving me grief, so I looked up the points................ 14 points!!!! for one slice, YIKES!!! no I did not eat the slice, but I bet I ate 6 points in the 2 crusts and maybe a half inch section!!! stupid pizza!!!

ok off to a meeting :)

later taters :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011


so today was a much better day, food wise. I tracked my protein and I think I ended up with 80 units. I was shooting for 100 but that's not a bad place to start!!

this is so much of the reason this little dog has my heart :)

isn't he sweet??

so the kids decided they are over tofu bowls!!! yikes!! I threw them in the freezer, I hope tofu freezes??? we will find out!
see in the muffin picture I was tracking points on the bottom and protein on the top

I baked squash and mushrooms lightly tossed in olive oil OMG!!!! soo good!!!

see ya later taters :)

Valentines gift swap

Kenz and Janna are hosting a Valentines gift swap, I did the 12 days of Christmas swap and it was so fun!! so pop on over to Kenz's blog and check it out!!

Core Values

What Core Values do you aspire to?

Patrick talked this morning in his blog about Core Values. My company has core values. Do I have core values? If I had to write them down what would they be?? I Googled personal core values, I am a big fan of the google… LOL :p

I think mine would be:



1. Honesty; I hate liars, I don’t lie. I frequently tell on myself, actually I do it all the time (read my blog!!)

2. Integrity, I throw this word around a lot but what exactly does it mean? According to a dictionary: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

So Honesty and Integrity kind of go hand in hand, humm makes sense! I went through Oz Leadership training with my company!! See it!! own it!! solve it!! Do it!!

3. Leadership, about 11 years ago things happened in my life that resulted in me changing my career, I went from a bookkeeper to a Store Director, I needed to be self supporting. I needed to always know I can be alone and be ok. The change has been amazing!! Had I known 11 years ago I would have made the change sooner! I love my job, yeah it has it’s sucky days. Don’t we all!! but the more I study Leadership, the more books on tape I listen to, the easier my job is!! I used to think that Leadership or people that read leadership books, or went to leadership training were the ultimate in nerds!! Geeks!! Pocket protector wearing, high water pants… every geeky nerdy image you can think of that is what I related it to, now that is me!!! LOL funny where life’s paths take you

4. Health, now this I don’t think I need to expand on too much. This last year has been so amazing!! I want to continue to be healthy! I want to live a long and healthy life! To do this I know a few basic’s. I have to be at a healthy weight and exercise daily!

5. Strength, not physical strength, but I am thinking more of strength of character. I always want to be know as the “strong” one. I push myself on this, I am very hard on myself. This one comes from my childhood. My Mom never coddled us as children. I am not very intolerant of weakness in others. I have to know this about myself and have to remind myself to be patient and tolerant of others, because this is my trait, not necessarily others!

I don’t know if this is the “correct” way to do this, I am sure some people have written thesis papers on core values, book, lectures…

But this is kind of off the cuff my personal core values.

Thanks Patrick for your blog post which made me think. What are my core values?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


sometimes I plan to do all the right things, but I fail... hummm

so this morning I tried the car pool thing, well let's just say I won't be doing the car pool any more!!! I have to be able to stay when I need to stay... bummer the gas savings would have been nice

anyway lets look at this day... good plan, but what is missing??? there are too many fruits and vegetables and not enough protein

so what do I do when this happens?? I have all my work food eaten by 1PM (I work usually until 5:30, and with the commute I don't hit the frozen yogurt store until 6:30) soooo

Ritz Crackerfuls??? What the Heck?? I ate 2 of these bad boys!! stupid crackers!!! they were 5 points for both

so I get home and I ate another bowl of vegetables just like the one I took to work and 2 Vitatops, and I have to tell ya I may just go get another one!!!

I am not eating a balanced diet!!! not enough protein, or so thats what Doctor nutritionist Karla thinks!!! LOL (Anne do I need to go Low-Carb??)

so I weigh tomorrow, now THAT'S going to be a disaster, oh well

see ya tomorrow guys :P

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The perfect egg white sandwich

the perfect egg white sandwich!!! 4 points on Weight Watchers (old plan)
six egg whites, spray the pan lightly with Pam, put a lid on the pan and cook it at low/medium heat. Pepper and red pepper flakes
Spray butter for the Oroweat bagel thin and Soy Cheese (the cheese was a treat today, not usual as it adds a point!)
toasted bagel thin, again you are seeing my dirty kitchen!!
VIOLA!! perfect egg white sandwich!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Post # 464

so some times I am not the brightest bulb in the pack... lol

conference call this morning and instead of paying attention as I should have been, I decided to clean out my pictures in my phone... oops

so I am missing my tofu bowl and TJ's egg white salad with the Bimbo high fiber toast. Bimbo toast it is kind of like Melba toast... is Melba toast still around? or did I just date myself?

oh and a TJ's muffin

I also ate 3 pumpkin Vitatops, man I am going to be hating myself in the morning!!!
see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

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